Thursday, April 5, 2012

What to Wear Where: The Coffee Date

So one of my darling readers is getting back into the dating game and has asked for advice on what to wear. In all honesty, it was her original comment that keeps me doing these "What to Wear Where" posts, so thank you to you, I have so much fun putting together style inspirations! Now, back to the date... it is a coffee date so in all honesty, it is really about conversation, what you wear doesn't matter because he is interested in what you have to say! That so far is a good sign. Yes, the girl who hasn't been on a first date in 9 years is giving advice, (don't) sue me, first dates are not my forte but style is! Be comfortable and keep it simple yet fun. Nothing screams high maintenance like a woman in heels at a coffee house, I've seen them. Play with small splashes of color and go light with the make up, up the amp on your lashes and shine that pucker, conversation means focus on the lips. Oh and easy on the espresso. I'm a chatterbox as is, can you imagine me with 3 cups of espresso?! Don't. You'll have a heart attack.


  1. Usually anything that has café I like, but this post I truly like even w/out it.


  2. I was sure I posted a big ol' thank you in the form of "this outfit ROCKS chica"!! Not sure where it went. it!

    thanks again

    1. I don't know either! You are very welcomed. Glad to help ;)


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