Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coffee & Conversation: What to Wear

Coffee Date #1

coat | top | sweater | pant | scarf | socks | bag | shoes | jewelry

This is a great example of what to wear on a coffee date since one thing my husband and I are doing on a regular basis is going out on coffee dates. It is not the fancy, romantic idea of dating you see on TV but for us it works, we deal in real life. We do the fancy dinner thing but since our date nights are weekly, we opt for something simple like coffee and conversation. It is friendly on the wallet and more relaxing. It is something that I enjoy a lot and look forward to. We are able to sit down, unwind, and talk about  where we would like to travel, current events, politics or my husband's favorite topic, religion. Yes, I talk about more than just clothes and lip gloss. Not to mention, after a long day of work (usually wearing all black), I get to come home and change into something fun and no baby means I can wear heels. What do you date nights consist of?


  1. What dates? We don't get out much together but when we do we try to make it a big deal including dressing up in our fanciest!

    1. I guess I've gotten use to the simplicity. We have a sitter tonight and I've ordered take out and a movie. Sometimes we just need the uninterrupted quite.


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