Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finding the Right Frame: Eyewear

So I think I may need glasses soon and thought, why not try some on? I checked out the Warby Parker website* and played around with their virtual "try on" app. Which one do you like?

This is not a sponsored post. I really do need glasses and wasted an hour on this site. Have fun.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lip Gloss & Tots {Personal Style}

On Mom: belt: Michael Kors | watch: Anne Klein | pants: James Perse via Gilt | lipstick: Rebel MAC
On Baby: vest: Old Navy (mom's) | hat: Old Navy (mom's) | dress: Target | lip gloss: Bobbi Brown

Just another day, heading out with my family. Photos by daddy (hers, not mine) because he jumps at every opportunity to photograph his little girl.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Almost Effortless Hair at The Row

The Row photo via Siren PR

Since attending Fashion Week (yes, I'm still on that), I've been receiving beauty press releases like crazy. Unfortunately, I cannot share them all but it is great because not only do we get the step by step but the exact products used backstage. All this extra fun information and posts will go onto my new Facebook Fanpage. I know, I'm fashionably late to every party. I'll post this one from The Row here, this one time.

Overall look: Simple, Chic and Elegant Style

  • On damp hair, create a middle part and prep with Nectar Thermique for hair nourishment and heat protection
  • Blow dry hair with a paddle brush
  • Spray sections with Double Force Hair Spray and loosely curl sections of hair with a large barrel curling iron, curling in a downward vertical direction, and leaving the ends free
  • Finger through the waves in the back and brush the front sections so the hair has a slight wave
  • Add a pea-sized amount of Fibre Architecte to the ends to keep them smooth and slightly piec-y

Kérastase Products Used To Get the Look:
  • Nectar Thermique – a heat protective nourishing leave-in treatment for dry, very dry or sensitized hair
  • Double Force Hair Spray – a finishing spray that delivers buildable, flexible hold for all hair types
  • Fibre Architecte – a reconstructive dual-serum that repairs and delivers long-lasting style memory for damaged, split ends

At The Row Fall 2013 presentation, legendary hairstylist Odile Gilbert created a simple and elegant style using Kérastase products.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Create a Messy Side Chignon

So I was seeing side parts galore for hair at New York Fashion Week for Fall 2013. Mind you, I already rock a side part but these were deep side parts. I also saw messy chignons. I thought I would get a bit creative for last night's Hispanicize event here in Chicago, to FINALLY meet my Facebook buddy and try one myself.

Those that saw Tuesday's post, look at my skin. No foundation. The peel worked.

This was AFTER the party and after getting nachos at Uncle Joe's with my long lost girlfriend who I ran into. There is no one better to eat nachos with and laugh at extremely loud decibels. Anywho,  here are 3 easy steps to get the messy side chignon.*

1. Curl hair in very large sections (I did about 8 sections) with a 1" barrel iron. You hair should already have a deep part because once it is curled, it will curl in that direction. Make sure you use a heat protecting styling product prior to.

2. Finger comb hair to the side and bunch it in your hand. Tie it. Make sure you do not use a brush, it will look too done and too perfect. We want messy.

3. Lightly mist with a finishing spray with a soft hold. No one wants crispy hair here.

I'm really into different types of parts and ponytails right now since I am growing out my hair. Any looks you are into right now?

*Products I have linked are the exact products I am currently using. The heat styling product is new to me but like it so far. The hairspray plays a serious rotation in my haircare and seems to be the one I alway run to when I run out of my Frederic Fekkai. The curling iron, I have used for 15 years and have yet to replace it. No joke.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Runway To Walkway: Recreating Beauty Trends from NYFW

So I really, genuinely grew to love this look at Ruffian's Fall 2013 show. I did not get to go backstage at this show since I just could bring myself to get out of bed fast enough after my jet lag. Instead, I grabbed a coffee, newspaper and a cab. I was off to the show at least. It did not disappoint. The clothes were amazing, the make up had a lot going on and at first, it was just the lip that called to me. It was all too monochromatic. I even sent out this tweet:

Then, the more the show went on and the more I saw, it actually grew on me and I walked out wondering how I can soften the look and recreate it off the runway. So today, I grabbed my Soft Peach blush from Artistry Beauty and created a softer Spring version of this look.

This baked blush is part of Artistry Beauty's Spring Collection that will be released soon but you can shop their other collections now.
I applied the blush on my lids from lash line to crease and blended the crease with my ring finger. Then I put the blush on my lips with my ring finger and added clear gloss and finished the look by applying the blush on my cheeks. Simple really. I didn't bother putting the blush under the eye as they did at Ruffian because I get really dark circles and did not apply concealer so I skipped it.

It is not quite the red they used at Ruffian and so it is softer and more wearable for day to day. Are there any runway looks you would like to recreate?

A special shout out and thank you to Artistry Beauty who covered my hotel, flight and travel accommodations for my trip to NYC. I also received pieces from the Spring 2013 to use during my stay. All opinions, words are my own. They do not reflect nor are paid for by Artistry Beauty. I received no further compensation for this post or any in association. Thoughts and opinions written here do not reflect any of my brand sponsorships nor do they reflect upon those who I write for on a freelance basis.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

At Home Treatment Peel

So lucky me, right before I left for NYC, I received this awesome box from Artistry Beauty. In it was this product. I usually love at home treatments but I was a bit nervous at first. 

Now, instantly the words intensive and peel being in the same sentence made me nervous but in order to give you and honest review, I had to bite the bullet and give it a shot. So here is the background on my skin. Before I had my daughter, my skin was more even, HARDLY did I  ever see a breakout and it was almost flawless. My skin, now, is sensitive, uneven and I suffer from really bad hormonal break outs, mostly under the surface but if it does surface, it is not a pretty site. Due to this, I tend to pick. Yes, I know. I yell at my clients all the time when they do and I won't even use the whole "but I'm a professional" deal.  Not to mention, I'm aging y'all! But here are my results in scary horrific, first thing in the morning sans make up pictures. Be warned.

 BEFORE: Scarring from (gulp) picking. Hormonal breakouts and under the surface clogged pores. Laugh lines visible without even smiling.
RIGHT AFTER TREATMENT: Skin looks red and irritated. Under the surface acne purged but skin is smoother.
5 HOURS AFTER TREATMENT: Smaller breakouts appear healed. Skin is smoother, scarring is lightened and redness reduced. Laugh line is diminished.

Now the secret to this product is the mushroom enzyme that naturally resurfaces your skin. While it is professional grade, people with sensitive skin (myself included) can in fact use this with little to no irritation. The irritation I experienced was slight and only around my actual break outs. This product is not meant as an acne treatment. It resurfaces skin, tightens pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines and smooths the skin. I saw the effects around my laugh lines as well and it took the photos to make me notice since I was focusing on the scarring mainly. I always find a con to a product, ALWAYS. The con here is that I cannot find one. Even the $101.50 price tag didn't scare me considering the price of treatments at the salon or med spas that I have seen at even $600 for 1 treatment! I'll pass on that and order this one here. I cannot wait to try it again in a few days and see my skin then.

Disclaimer: I do not work, sell or receive commission off of Artistry Beauty. I did receive this product for review. You will find real results in all of my reviews (good Gawd, I showed you my face!) and honest and open opinions. Opinion being the key word there as I am not a dermatologist nor did I consult one. Just a real woman, with real skin care issues just like everyone else...that and I've worked in this industry for 10 years.

Top Beauty Trends for Fall 2013

Check out my guest post for New York Fashion Week at Artistry Beauty's Blog...

This past weekend, I braved the snow storm and headed to NYC — thanks to Artistry! — to check out what is in store for us this Fall/Winter 2013. READ THE REST HERE

Come back later on this afternoon where I bare all and show you MY skincare concerns (pics and all) and show you what I am doing to solve them.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Fashion WEEKend Part 3

Day 3 at New York Fashion Week started off perfectly. I slept until 8 and slathered on my eye cream. At this point, my eyes need a miracle. I opened the shades, let in the light, showered, got dressed and sat in front of my computer for another hour or so drinking the same nasty hotel room coffee. We really should get a petition going for in room Starbucks. Just saying'.  I, then went for a walk to find a cozy spot for a late breakfast. I settled in a small spot for an espresso and a pastry. I went small because today was a slow day. I would for sure have time to eat.

I headed to the tents, decked out in my vintage dress and the beanie I refused to take off. I tried the dry shampoo that I was given at the Charlotte Ronson show. I'm still trying to wash that gunk out. Face was bright with my Soft Peach Baked Blush from Artistry and my poppin' new gloss. Boom. I can be vain, shameful, I know but you wouldn't be here if you didn't love it or at least find the humor in it.
  My first show was Trina Turk but my calendar was posting central time and of course, I missed it and I missed backstage. So I walked out to get lunch because I was still starved from the days before when an email came in. Time to cover the Tracy Reese show. A mix up with PR moved my seat from the 3rd row to front row seconds before the show started. I was so excited, I misspelled the designer's name in all my tweets. Hehehe, I was on cloud 9 and the show was that damn good.
Then of course, my phone buzzes me to go backstage to Custo Barcelona where I snap a few photos and on the way out talk to hairstylist Duffy who tells me how he created the hair. He was sweet, funny and just laid back. I'm sensing a pattern here with these hair and make up artists backstage. They are genuinely cool and easy to talk to. Period.

The designer is much shorter in person but so is everyone I meet. He was pretty chill also.

Hey Miss Jay! Girl is T-A-L-L! Of course when someone asked a question he directed his answers to everybody like we were there in a group just to hang out and be friends. I just duck my lips and shake my head, trying to not show my lame-ness by shouting, "oh, Miss Jay, you so my bestie!" Even though I was tempted. Oh yeah and Miss USA & Miss Teen USA. Gorgeous aren't they?

The hair for Custo that Duffy created. Now, this is not something you do in the streets, or maybe you do but it was still pretty dope. If I had the patience to do this, I probably would.

I have no words for this show. I was left speechless. After the show, I had to charge my phone or I would be lost for the rest of the day. Thank goodness I have an iPhone 5 and it charges it 15 minutes because I had to run to the Empire where my meeting had to be cut down to 20 min! Then I practically ran to 59th and Columbus to hail a cab...okay steal a cab from tourists (sorry!) to head to the Plaza. I love that place because secretly I want to be Eloise. 

I made it backstage in time for the Zac Posen show where I got to meet top models, the awesome hair genius Luisi for John Frieda and while I didn't know it then, chat about Alexander Wang's tote with a major editor. She looked familiar but I figured I saw her in the tents. Wrong. Sad to say her name is still on the tip of my tongue.
Of course, I'm all #TEAMCOCO at the show. After waiting around for 30 mins, the PR girl tells me if I stand tight, I may get to see the show. After 15 more minutes of intense heat, dehydration and starvation, my body can no longer take it. I walk out to get fresh air and hop the train back to my hotel to pick up my bags. I get a car because the door guy says it is cheaper only to find it to be the same price as a cab and the driver that much ruder! At the airport and flight is delayed two hours. I could have caught the Emerson show and I slump my way to the food court at 8 pm for my first real meal of the day, filled with shame for sitting to eat instead of cabbing it back to Lincoln Center.

I felt disgustedly awesome after though. Thank you to Famiglia for the freebie pizza. They felt bad because I was so hungry, I was on the edge of tears! I ate every last bite. This has been an exhausting trip but equally rewarding. I know, I have so much more to share and so much that I learned from this experience but alas that will have to wait. I have been writing, typing tweeting and instagraming like crazy for almost a week straight. I'm a working mom but right now, I need to work on just being mom so here is what you should expect next week on....BEAUTY WEEK, all brought you by Artistry Beauty! All beauty, all week starting Tuesday. See you soon!

A special shout out and thank you to Artistry Beauty who covered my hotel, flight and travel accommodations. I also received pieces from the Spring 2013 to use during my stay. All opinions, words are my own. They do not reflect nor are paid for by Artistry Beauty. I received no further compensation for this post or any in association. Thoughts and opinions written here do not reflect any of my brand sponsorships nor do they reflect upon those who I write for on a freelance basis.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Fashion WEEKend Part 2

Day 2 of my Fashion WEEKend and I was exhausted. Not only had I stayed up almost all night with a migraine before NYC, I went out during the snow storm just to prove I could still hang. Apparently, I can't. Thank goodness for my awesome skincare and make up pieces from Artistry Beauty otherwise, I would look beat.

 Selfies for instagram on my look for Artistry Beauty for NYFW. Check out the cramped bathroom space, typical NYC hotel room. I used the Creme LX and it instantly made my skin look more alive than I have ever seen it before. More about that tomorrow.
The products I used to create my look. This gloss was on my "questionable" list at first, only because I wear bright almost daily,but I got so many hits on my instagram and Facebook regarding this color, not to mention the in person compliments. I've been wearing it daily since.

 I needed to be comfortable so I rocked my new high tops that I bought the night before, my leather shorts, blazer, vegan fur and a Gia Luxe bag.
I missed the media call time for Ruffian backstage but I caught the show which was pretty awesome, since I had an actual seat and not standing room. I did get to chat with an artist from the actual show so I still was able to cover it.

Fellow Latina MUA working her magic backstage at Christian Siriano. I was able to chat with her on behalf of Latina Magazine. She was able to give me insight at Ruffian and saved the day!

Christian Siriano and Polly Osmond, lead artist for the show, going over a few things.
Super sweet, the both of them. The show was a HUGE success with rave reviews across the board. He is here to stay folks. I covered the make up for Latina
This was the moment I actually realized I had credentials, clout, a press pass and backstage access. I mean, so far I had gone backstage a few times and have gone in and out of the tents so much the security guards stop asking for my credentials but this was a moment of epic proportions. 
Watching the hair get styled and getting to interview, legendary hair goddess, Odile Gilberts for Kérastase Paris was just as epic. It was nerve wrecking at first but let me tell you that people that are at the top of their fields are very sweet and easy going. It is the interns, assistants and the nobodies that are plain nasty. Odile just was...well...just was so chill. 

Day two was done so I rewarded myself with a glass of sangria and an early dinner at Tio Pol. Best tapas ever and the group sitting next to me had to stop and ask if I was an actress or someone famous. I responded with "I'm just a mom from Chicago. I'm a nobody." They didn't buy it and I ended up taking a picture with one of them. 

Yeah, I almost fell for this trick in Mexico. Nice try, NYC. Nice try.

I finally get back to my room and my phone buzzes. I'm off to The Standard to cover Latino designer Alejandro Ingelmo.

I almost walked out with these but I was too tired to make a run for it so instead, I hailed a cab and headed back downtown. I spent that night in, writing all my coverage and prepping instagrams for Latina Magazine. I had 3 cups of deliciously disgusting room coffee, that legit was a blend of feet and funk, before calling it a night at 1 am. The next day was sure to be easier....

A special shout out and thank you to Artistry Beauty who covered my hotel, flight and travel accommodations. I also received pieces from the Spring 2013 to use during my stay. All opinions, words are my own. They do not reflect nor are paid for by Artistry Beauty. I received no further compensation for this post or any in association. Thoughts and opinions written here do not reflect any of my brand sponsorships nor do they reflect upon those who I write for on a freelance basis. Gia Luxe bag was on loan from the designer. 
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