Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Fashion WEEKend Part 3

Day 3 at New York Fashion Week started off perfectly. I slept until 8 and slathered on my eye cream. At this point, my eyes need a miracle. I opened the shades, let in the light, showered, got dressed and sat in front of my computer for another hour or so drinking the same nasty hotel room coffee. We really should get a petition going for in room Starbucks. Just saying'.  I, then went for a walk to find a cozy spot for a late breakfast. I settled in a small spot for an espresso and a pastry. I went small because today was a slow day. I would for sure have time to eat.

I headed to the tents, decked out in my vintage dress and the beanie I refused to take off. I tried the dry shampoo that I was given at the Charlotte Ronson show. I'm still trying to wash that gunk out. Face was bright with my Soft Peach Baked Blush from Artistry and my poppin' new gloss. Boom. I can be vain, shameful, I know but you wouldn't be here if you didn't love it or at least find the humor in it.
  My first show was Trina Turk but my calendar was posting central time and of course, I missed it and I missed backstage. So I walked out to get lunch because I was still starved from the days before when an email came in. Time to cover the Tracy Reese show. A mix up with PR moved my seat from the 3rd row to front row seconds before the show started. I was so excited, I misspelled the designer's name in all my tweets. Hehehe, I was on cloud 9 and the show was that damn good.
Then of course, my phone buzzes me to go backstage to Custo Barcelona where I snap a few photos and on the way out talk to hairstylist Duffy who tells me how he created the hair. He was sweet, funny and just laid back. I'm sensing a pattern here with these hair and make up artists backstage. They are genuinely cool and easy to talk to. Period.

The designer is much shorter in person but so is everyone I meet. He was pretty chill also.

Hey Miss Jay! Girl is T-A-L-L! Of course when someone asked a question he directed his answers to everybody like we were there in a group just to hang out and be friends. I just duck my lips and shake my head, trying to not show my lame-ness by shouting, "oh, Miss Jay, you so my bestie!" Even though I was tempted. Oh yeah and Miss USA & Miss Teen USA. Gorgeous aren't they?

The hair for Custo that Duffy created. Now, this is not something you do in the streets, or maybe you do but it was still pretty dope. If I had the patience to do this, I probably would.

I have no words for this show. I was left speechless. After the show, I had to charge my phone or I would be lost for the rest of the day. Thank goodness I have an iPhone 5 and it charges it 15 minutes because I had to run to the Empire where my meeting had to be cut down to 20 min! Then I practically ran to 59th and Columbus to hail a cab...okay steal a cab from tourists (sorry!) to head to the Plaza. I love that place because secretly I want to be Eloise. 

I made it backstage in time for the Zac Posen show where I got to meet top models, the awesome hair genius Luisi for John Frieda and while I didn't know it then, chat about Alexander Wang's tote with a major editor. She looked familiar but I figured I saw her in the tents. Wrong. Sad to say her name is still on the tip of my tongue.
Of course, I'm all #TEAMCOCO at the show. After waiting around for 30 mins, the PR girl tells me if I stand tight, I may get to see the show. After 15 more minutes of intense heat, dehydration and starvation, my body can no longer take it. I walk out to get fresh air and hop the train back to my hotel to pick up my bags. I get a car because the door guy says it is cheaper only to find it to be the same price as a cab and the driver that much ruder! At the airport and flight is delayed two hours. I could have caught the Emerson show and I slump my way to the food court at 8 pm for my first real meal of the day, filled with shame for sitting to eat instead of cabbing it back to Lincoln Center.

I felt disgustedly awesome after though. Thank you to Famiglia for the freebie pizza. They felt bad because I was so hungry, I was on the edge of tears! I ate every last bite. This has been an exhausting trip but equally rewarding. I know, I have so much more to share and so much that I learned from this experience but alas that will have to wait. I have been writing, typing tweeting and instagraming like crazy for almost a week straight. I'm a working mom but right now, I need to work on just being mom so here is what you should expect next week on....BEAUTY WEEK, all brought you by Artistry Beauty! All beauty, all week starting Tuesday. See you soon!

A special shout out and thank you to Artistry Beauty who covered my hotel, flight and travel accommodations. I also received pieces from the Spring 2013 to use during my stay. All opinions, words are my own. They do not reflect nor are paid for by Artistry Beauty. I received no further compensation for this post or any in association. Thoughts and opinions written here do not reflect any of my brand sponsorships nor do they reflect upon those who I write for on a freelance basis.

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