Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Signs of Aging: How to Fight Back

Just last week, I did a review for Colgate and found that a brighter smile makes a younger looking woman. However, when I was showing off my newly brightened smile my eyes crinkled. I didn't say creased, I said crinkled. I'm looking forward to getting older, I love my body more and I enjoy life more but aging is another story. I don't want to be 20 again but I sure wouldn't mind looking 20. I could have easily edited the image but I chose not to. Why? Well because I am a firm believer in practicing what I preach and showing you the results. Here is what I am doing and what you should be too.

 Water: I know, you have to drink x amount a day but I can't and after a few days. I won't, I'll grab a Pepsi instead. What I can do is drink a glass first thing in the morning and one at night. It isn't 8 glasses but it's better than nothing.

 Treat: I've never been religious about putting on eye cream. In fact, when Artistry Beauty gave me Creme LuXury Eye, their most luxurious eye cream, I put it in my drawer and figured I'd use it when all my other creams finish. After just one week, my eyes looked refreshed, lifted and smoother. It is a bit of a sticker shock but after seeing the results, worth every penny. All other creams rest peacefully at the bottom of the trash.


Sleep: I do not get enough and every day I tell my husband that I am going to bed at 10 and by 1 am, I'm fighting sleep so I can play on Pinterest. There just isn't enough hours in the day but apparently, I'm not getting any younger either. So there you go.

If nothing else, find religion and pray for a miracle. Either that or learn to embrace nature.

Disclaimer: Artistry Beauty did not pay me for this post. The eye cream was gifted, the results real and amazing. You're welcome.

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