Wednesday, January 16, 2013

12 Pieces To Upgrade Any Wardrobe {Part 1}

This is the month where we make resolutions that usually never make it past March. In fact, the gym is usually empty within the first 5 weeks of the new year. While I vowed to shop less this year, I am a realist and know that cutting it out completely is not doable. Instead, I will shop smarter and focus more on things my closet needs and ways to upgrade my own style. Every month, I will focus on one item that could be an instant update to my wardrobe.


January: The Tweed Jacket/Sweater

This classic piece will be great for everyday. I could wear it with jeans for the cool factor (as pictured above) or with a little black dress for a more professional approach.


February: Amazing Trousers

I wear pants more than I do anything else and sometimes jeans just won't cut it. Finding a pair of trousers that are not only comfortable but a pair I won't want to take off will be tough but I'll take on the challenge.

March: The Non-Mom Jean, Mom Jean

Ignoring the fact that I just said "sometimes jeans just won't cut it," I'm going in for a new pair of jeans. I live in the same 3 pairs and while I love them, this mom just needs another she loves just as much and in a different wash. Right now it seems I wear the same pair everyday (and sometimes I do).

Source: via Yanira on Pinterest

April: Light Weight Sweater (In something other than black)

It is right around that time where I feel silly wearing these bulky sweaters when I can smell Spring in the air. Unfortunately, taking in the fresh, Spring air sometimes makes you shiver or even cough. So something light weight but still long sleeve will do. I also have nothing in my closet like this so much needed.

May: Boyfriend Button Down

Yes, the classic white shirt, blah, blah, blah. I need one (a new one at least) and I want one just a bit less fitted and a bit more relaxed. Style tip: I can wear as a beach cover up in the upcoming months!

June: A Day Dress I Can Live In

The one I can wear with jewels for date night, keds to run errands with my little one or with barefoot to sit on my balcony on Sunday mornings. Yes, I dress I won't take off.

Join me tomorrow for part two. What do you think so far?

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