Monday, December 31, 2012

Setting Real Goals for a Really Awesome Life


We all make these long crazy resolutions that we never keep, so this year I will keep it simple so I have no choice but to follow through. In fact, since I am the crazy list making lady, I will even break it down by category. I'll be honest, they are not resolutions filled with inspiring quotes and deeper meaning. This resolutions are simple and meant to make my life easier. They are real, attainable and can make my life just simply awesome. So without further adieu...

My 2013 Resolutions


Get my dry skin under control

Deep condition my hair at LEAST once a month

Get a facial (yup just one)

Take better care of my nails


Buy only investment pieces or thrift, no shopping JUST to shop

Sell off the items I never use


Make both my pillows and my curtains, I have until 12/31/13!

Grow an herb garden in the summer

Buy fresh flowers once a month ( hence why I cut down my shopping)

Buy one AMAZING piece of art


More veggies, more greens, less sugar

More water

More home cooked meals



When the weather is nice, go for more walks

Take Analiese to the beach on Sundays (summer of course)

Visit my family in Puerto Rico, I miss them so much it hurts

Meditate, exercise and open windows

Say I love you every day and mean it every time

See you in the new year...


  1. Awesome list! I check-in often but don't really comment so I thought I'd let you know that I really enjoy your blog. I'm a Chicago girl so hopefully one day I'll bump into you in a cosmetics department somewhere : ). Happy New Year!


  2. I love your resolutions and the way you broke it down. I so agree with your style ones... I need to add more investment pieces and not just shop to shop. I'm hoping that I can start that this summer. I absolutely love that image of that outfit!! And buying one amazing art piece?!! Yes!

    Maybe we can help each other keep it together in the new year. I absolutely love your resolutions even though I've resolved not to make any this year but continue to be a work in progress.

    1. I will hold you accountable for your goals if you hold me to mine!


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