Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Christmas

Yes, I have been a bad blogger but this season I was the perfect wife and an awesome mommy! Here is a quick glimpse into my Christmas.

 My little family...Instagramed! I wore my new shoes for Christmas Eve, the hubs went the cashmere route and my little princess wore pearls!

 Analiese has been addicted to this "snowman soup". Her teachers handed of the recipe with enough ingredients to make to cups. I have since made one almost every night. All it Hershey Kiss at the bottom of the mug, pour hot cocoa (or hot chocolate) over throw in marshmallows and stir with a candy cane!
This is the darling image we used for our Christmas cards. It took me over 100 shots to get one where she wasn't moving, making silly faces or running out of the shot. This was the only one out of 100! I am tired just remembering. 

She met a Princess at Winter Wonderland at Navy Pier and for once was shy! How will she be when she goes to Disney World?

My mom and my nephew, Chunckers at my niece's 9th birthday party.

Girl's only Holiday party. The gal in my arm is my cousin as in real cousin, not the the typical "I'm a Latina so all my girls are my cousins", we really are related. The other two would be the typical Latin "all my girls are my cousins". The farthest married in, the middle is her sister and so now we are all one big happy family. That makes it legit! I can't wait until this girls party next year. It is always a blast.

My two trouble makers...making trouble! I love my readers but when my husband said he was taking some time off, I didn't hesitate to shut off the computer and spend some time with my little family. How was your holiday?

All images taken with the iPhone 5, an early Christmas gift from my husband.

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