Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Secret to Managable Curls in Humid Weather

I've always had an issue with my curls when I travel. I never wanted to bother with the hassle of humid weather and frizz so I would relax my hair and flat iron it before I'd go out of town, regretting it upon my return. I recently jumped on the bandwagon of coconut oil. I bought organic, unrefined. It was horrible. It left my hair like straw, dry, severely damaged and out of control frizz. I had damaged my hair more than I ever had in all my years. I rocked a top knot for weeks to hide it. Then I switched up my hair routine into 4 easy steps.

STEP 1: Wash hair with a cleansing conditioner. I wasn't sure how I would feel about using one but I tried L'Oreal EverCurl and was blown away. Not only were my curls clean, they weren't dry like with most curling shampoos. In fact, I didn't need a conditioner after but thanks to the coconut oil, wanted to try one just in case.

STEP 2: Treat hair with a deep conditioner like Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm by L'Oreal. It claims to reverse damage in one use so I applied it and prayed for a miracle. My hair was shameful, lifeless and fried. I wasn't expecting much and so left it on for the maximum 5 minutes. What I felt next, felt like healthy, virgin hair. Get it, miracle, virgin? No? Okay...moving on.

STEP 3: I wanted a moisture leave in and have been dying to try Carol's Daughter for a while since I've been growing out this relaxer but never have...until now. It is light weight and silicone-free, perfect for my curls. While it does have coconut oil in it, but it is blended with other oils so it seems to work very well.

STEP 4: This styling mouse was a fluke. I left for Miami with just a carry on and only packed the oil so the first night I ran into Walgreens and grab the first curling mouse in a small bottle I saw. I figured I would use it once and toss it but no. It is alcohol free and really defines my natural curl, a curl I hadn't seen in years.

My natural hair...

 With Miami hottie, Casey Garcia for my "last night in Miami" dinner.

 With Carlos Gomez after that super amazing dinner. I owe you one. Gracias!

Back home on Sunday on our way to dinner with my little family and my hair had been untouched for two days.

I got so many compliments on my hair in Miami and I had so many people touching it that my hair should be doing the walk of shame right now. All jokes aside, I really just needed my daughter to understand that her curls are amazing and that mommy is proud of hers as well. The relaxing is over, the curls are back. I mean,  Lou Diamond Phillips said my hair was awesome and that I was gorgeous so I guess I'll keep it! What do you think of my natural hair?

DISCLAIMER:  L'Oreal products were c/o and I have since ran out. I picked up an extra shampoo yesterday. I am still receiving text messages with questions about this product because I won't shut up about it. I do wish the bottle was bigger, like jumbo size and just for me.

Carol's Daughter was c/o KLOUT so thanks. That was cool.

Thoughts and ideas are all my own. You guys know the deal but I have to tell you anyway.


  1. lou diamond phillips was drunk! #truth

    1. I normally don't like trolls on my blog but since I know this gremlin... HEY GIRL HEY


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