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  1. After mindless "twitter-wondering" (although I have no twitter account) I can't remember how I came across your blog, but I did and I enjoyed it!! Your look is classy without at all being over done and your daughter is adorable. I am a newly single mom to a three year old and have found that along with sleep, children also steal your "cool" and replace it with I-can't-wear-that-yo-soy-madre uncertainty. I am ready re-enter the dating world (yikes) but I am apprehensive because 1) the 30+ group is a whole other animal (and style) and 2)no one is going to see me in my sweats and see my inner beauty so I gotta step my game up. So I may come to you for a little fashion consultation/guidance/advice/fashion exorcism … But for now just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration

  2. Thank you so much Maria. This comment was simply so sweet. Maybe I'll post some date night wardrobe ideas very soon and hopefully it will inspire my husband to take me out! These heels weren't made for lounging'!

  3. Hi ...
    Sooo Im back. And potentially may have a date. You think this is a good thing, but I'm freaking out LOL. It's gonna be coffee - nothing formal. Any ideas on what to wear? When he met me I was wearing a black printed dress, tights and 5 inch heels. I'd still like to be cute, but not going the dress route. I'm not super girly, but I clean up nice.


    1. I'll put something together. Congrats on the date!


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