Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Target's 50% Off Clearance Rack {Personal Style}

Normally Tuesdays, my parents pick up my little one and take her someplace fun, like the playhouse in McDonald's or Chuck E Cheese. Yesterday, my parents were unavailable so I had to shut off my computer, leave Starbucks early and pick up my Princess. She was so happy that her mommy was there to get her. When I asked what fun thing she wanted to do, she said go to Target to buy shoes and sunglasses. I am so proud to be her mom. She didn't get shoes but she got her sunglasses, jump rope and I hit the clearance rack.

 This Prabal Gurung skirt was on clearance for $8.98. It is a size bigger than my size but I took it anyway. It fits.

 This top was also on clearance and so comfy. It also was only $9 but I have enough casual pieces. The skirt was picked out by my little one but it was full price and even though $24 doesn't seem like a lot, I would love it a lot more if it were on sale. Bad habit. I'm cheap. I left both items.

This jacket was my first find and some of you saw it on Instagram yesterday. I thought it was $6, it was actually $8 but it came home with me anyhow. Big baller. I am wearing it today, stay tuned for the outfit post. I tried on a few things but not much I loved this time. I also picked up a few things for my desk from the dollar section. I was sad I didn't look at the rugs but I had to run home and clean before the man of the house ripped into me for not doing so. Again. :)

DISCLAIMER: This wild shopping trip was sponsored by my husband's credit card as a reward for the cleaning I actually did. Love you!


  1. that's a cute jacket! I totally went shopping at Target yesterday too. Scored a Prabal Gurung dress for $13.

    1. I saw the T-shirt dress for $10.98 but it was only in a large. Bummed.

  2. You bought my skirt! How adorable is that? I love the jacket. I need to make some moola so I can go back there! ;-)

    1. Lord knows I had no business shopping but I needed retail therapy. Rough week.


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