Thursday, December 29, 2011

I've Resolved to This...

My work space is finally coming together. I still need a few things but it works. I even pulled a Carrie and planted my desk in front of a window. Granted the view is blah, but works nonetheless.

My workspace

Kerrie Hess illustration and earrings from SoundChick

Calendar I got from Gilt

My reading materials, faux flower arrangement I made & my plant "Lola"

It is that time of year when we make goals, usually the type we give up by February and forgot we made by next December. So this year, I thought I would be more realistic about my goals and more specific as to actually stick with them. I am making goals for this blog. I say things and never do them but if I get specific and I write them down, I'll stick with it. I'm a list maker. Here is my Blog's resolutions:

1. Get on average 2 new followers a week, at least 100 by year end. Sounds reasonable and doable. Feel free to help me on this one. Like I always say, "spread the love by spreading the word!"

2. Create Segments. Starting next week, I will have the following for you.

WWW-  What I Wore Wednesday, showcasing my outfit posts. 
Manicure Monday- The first month of every month, I will showcase a new nail polish.I know it sounds like an excuse to buy more polish. It is isn't.
Freelancer Friday- Freelancing in cosmetics is great make up wise but what about the clothes. Being required to wear all black all the time sometimes makes me a bit lazy. However, I have met and befriended some of the best dressed make up artists. You will meet them here.

3. Write. I use to love to write as a way of releasing stress, emotion and feeling. However, it was the most depressing things that sounded the most beautiful. I always joke with my husband that it is his fault that I do not write anymore. He made me happy. Maybe that is just what I needed to give me new inspiration. I bought a new notebook. I will write again, write more and share. 

4. Take photos. I have the equipment (DSLR, Point & Shoot, Smart phone photo apps, photo shop) but I hardly use them.

5. Get out there. Meet, greet and be seen. It is hard to blog about fashion when you have become a serious homebody with toddler attachment issues. Not that I do not attend events but if I had a dollar for every person I run into that says "OMG, where have you been?" Whomp, whomp.

Simple enough. I will revisit this in 6 months and see where I am at. I really feel good about this, now if I can resolve to get fit and stick with it. Okay maybe next year after next and I'm off until Monday, see you next year!



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

IFB PROJECT #27: Fashion Vibe

I am super excited to share with you a new blog obsession. Meet Fashion Vibe.

all images belong to Fashion Vibe

Not only are the photos great, Zina's style is enviable. will be addicted to this blog. I am.


NYE Glam

NYE Glam

Glam it up this weekend but what do we do Monday when we are left with an over abundance of glitter, the gleam of the holidays is over and the gloom of winter sets in? Sparkle anyway. I for one plan on continuing in this sparkling extravaganza that has become of me. The over the top sparkle dress that most feel you can only wear that one time can easily be paired with a slouchy sweater and skinny jeans so all you see is a hint. Isn't a hint of sparkle all we need to take us over and make us happy anyhow? So throw on that sequined mini, the glittered top and bring in 2012 as bright as can be and do it again the following Sunday even if just to sit at home and watch me ;)


Monday, December 26, 2011

Analiese's Wonderland

 Analiese at Navy Pier's Winter Wonderland.

What a fabulous after Christmas day!


Friday, December 23, 2011



Wishing you a Joyeux Noel! I will be taking a few days to unwind from the craziness that has been this season so far. I will see you mid next week. Enjoy.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost There...

Getting ready for this weekend. Finishing up my wrapping ( 3 down, a million to go), enjoying my favorite snacks in between (grapes, truffles & sparkling wine) and of course, doing the festive nail thing thanks to Deborah Lippman.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yany Go Lightly

Getting my holiday looks together. Since everyone is doing glitter, I am thinking pearls. What will you be wearing?


Monday, December 19, 2011


I tumble now. I wanted to create a blog just of inspiration for my clients that use my services at I have not quite linked it yet to my site but the blog is up and running and for those following me on twitter I am sure you have been noticing the posts. In the meantime, check out my tumblr at  Hope you enjoy and happy Monday!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Panda Me

image source

While discussing make up trends with fellow artists on Monday, the topic of Chanel's Pre Fall 2012 collection came up. Well, the make up at least. May I say, I for one am loving the "Panda Eye" trends. It is that intense liner on both top and bottom. In fact, today is our Holiday 2011 party for all of the artists and I am thinking about doing this look. They usually only see me with liner on top and a bold lip. Time to throw them for a loop. I'll post pictures...promise. Anyone else doing something fun today?


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Working in Paris

Wishing this was the reason I am not posting today. In reality, I'm coming down with a bug. Yuck! Hope I am better tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Holiday Looks

I was lucky enough to share some holiday style tips on Telemundo's Acesso Total. I know some of my readers do not speak Spanish so I will translate. I got a chance to showcase some looks that I put together from Old Navy that would be great for this festive season.

Look 1: Casual Glam
Pairing dressy with casual cool. This fuchsia pink satin top was paired with a casual pant. Wear it with a sparkly flat or a heeled wedge bootie.
Satin Tie Shoulder Tank, Drape Jersey Pant

Look 2: Bold Festive
Pops of color especially in denim is a huge hit. Soften the boldness a bit with a delicate top made of lace. Heels are a must with this look.
Lace Dolman Sleeve Top, Rockstar Jegging

Look 3: All Tied Up
Winter can be dark and gloomy but the holidays are filled with color and so should your wardrobe. Dresses are obviously a huge hit during this season, this one was cinched with a sparkly bow belt that I personally have been obsessing over since I laid my eyes on it.
Charmeuse Shift Dress, Skinny Sparkle Bow Dress

Look 4: Connect The Look
Polka dots is one of this season's biggest trends as is emerald green. This simple dress is stunning on it's own but when layered under this wool blend emerald green stunner is
Cropped Peacoat, Belted Tie Front Dress

I also got to share a few gifts for kids that I will share with you this week and also picked up for my own list. The many munchkins in my family are going to love their gifts. All of these great items can be found at


*Please note that while I am the Fashion Expert and Latina Spokesperson for OLD NAVY, the thoughts and ideas expressed in this blog and all social media sites are strictly my own. I was a fan long before and will be long after. I will not and would not post anything that I find disagreeable or something I am not willing to wear or do myself. A girl's gotta stay true!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Cool

So last week I was interviewed by Mercedes Soler of NotiMujer on CNN en Espanol. It was a terrific experience and she asked a lot of questions about how to stay stylish in the cold winter that we tend to experience here in Chicago. Being a Chicago woman herself, originally, she could relate. Here are a few tips I shared on how to turn a dark and gloomy winter into a bright and fun season with amazing pieces from Old Navy.

 Coats as a fashion statement.

Since we spend most of our day running around outside and that is in fact the first thing people see, what we wear on the outside has become the most important. Focus on things such as color and prints to really make a statement during these cold months.

Collarless Wool Blend Coat

Wool Blend Double Breasted Coat

Wool Blend Car Coats

Cropped Wool Blend Peacoat

Accessories are more than just for jewels.

Another great tip for being stylish and warm is knowing how to accessories with the very things that protect you from below zero wind chill. Focus on colored hats with interesting shapes or scarves with detailing.

Brimmed Knit Popcorn Hat

Cable Knit Pom Pom Scarf

Zig Zag Sweater Knit Mittens

Wool Cloche Hat

These boots were made for walking and putting your best foot forward. Pun intended. 

Sometimes we have to shovel out our cars, walk from the train and run to the next meeting without ever having time to change your shoes. Wearing shoes that are practical and fashion forward are key. There is never an excuse to step out in gym shoes and street style photographers would never take a second look at a woman impeccably dressed and wearing them.

Faux Fur  Cuff Wedge Boots

Faux Suede Lace-Up Boots

Faux Leather Riding Boots

All of these items can be found at I thought these would be really important to share since we have already experienced our first snowfall. I haven't decided how I feel about that yet but until then, layer up. It may be a cold one.


*Please note that while I am the Fashion Expert and Latina Spokesperson for OLD NAVY, the thoughts and ideas expressed in this blog and all social media sites are strictly my own. I was a fan long before and will be long after. I will not and would not post anything that I find disagreeable or something I am not willing to wear or do myself. A girl's gotta stay true!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fighting The Dry

I finally headed back to my manicurist, Julia, for a no chip. Mind you the image shows it at a week and a half old. What it doesn't show is how dry my cuticles are. When I freelance as a make up artist, I become addicted to hand sanitizer which in turn makes my hands and cuticles extremely dry. Here are a few tips to help heal and prevent this disaster from happening again, it can get painful.

Solar Oil- a light blend of oils and vitamin E to help heal and nourish the skin. Apply when needed. I keep one in the car. Overall, as far a nail products go, this is the best in my opinion but not the heaviest duty product out there.

Olive Oil- not just for food anymore, this magic elixir is a beauty product in it's own right. I have used it as a hot oil treatment for my hair and found that when used warm, it works great as a moisture treatment for my nails. Downfall, if you brush up against anything white it may become stained as I have found out with my pillowcases. 

Petroleum Jelly- So far this has been my #1 choice for the winter months. It may be too heavy during the summer but right now it is a lifesaver. The mineral oil is too much for my face but does wonders for my hands and feet.

I am sure my manicurist is eternally grateful that I have taken the effort to tend to my hands and nails with a bit more love. What are your tips for silky smooth hands?


Friday, December 9, 2011

The Downtime

Happy Friday Chicas!
After a long work week, I am finally home and settled in to spend the weekend reading magazines, watching Tangled for the 14th time this MONTH and visiting Santa. Sorry I have been MIA (pun intended) these past two days but really had been swamped. I promise I'll share everything starting about my work week starting Monday. 


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kiss This

Happy Tuesday everyone...I'm off to an early start today and in a musical mood. Check out this video by The Pierces. I have been loving this band for a few years now and wow do they just keep getting better. Take note their make up here. Great inspiration for NYE. 


Monday, December 5, 2011


While you are reading this, I am on a flight to Miami! (enter happy dance here) I had so much fun last time in New York City that I am heading now to Miami to share Old Navy's holiday trends. As their Latina spokesperson and fashion expert, I'll be sharing some of my favorite pieces and winter trends. I'm really excited to be discussing a few of my favorite & the holidays. What joy! Take note of my absolute favorite look this season...emerald green! I'll be posting details on all that goes down here when I get back. In the meantime, follow me in the TWITTERVERSE for up to the minute action! See you all soon.


Friday, December 2, 2011

The Making Of

Note the black eye in the last two pictures. Unfortunately my daughter is my daughter. I walk into walls and she walked into a table. She was busy looking at the "Happy Feets 2" poster in the mall and before either one can realize it, bam, both mommy and baby were crying. I need to take her to see the movie just for that reason. On to the point of this post.

I signed up on not too long ago and during one post someone mentioned being interested in how my kid dresses. They brought up a great point also as to how girls are being dressed like women and how some t-shirts geared towards girls are sexist. These tees for tots that show boys being "smart like daddy" and girls are just "pretty like mommy" never pushing the fact that we are smart as well are nothing new.

 Her style is fun sometimes wacky and that is okay. I let her chose her own clothes (I give her options) and sometimes she just wants to do her own thing. She does have a lot of Princess gear and being a girly girl is never a bad thing. She can wear all the "pretty like mommy" tees she wants (insert wink here) but encouragement about her strength and her smarts will come from home because it starts here. Sure, she is too pretty to do math but she can count (in two languages, thank you). She is too cool for books but she loves stories and always has one in her hand. So what if a store makes tees that seem sexist? Creating the powerful woman she is meant to be will be my job and maybe one day she may even tell someone "that's DR Princess to you!" What are your thoughts?


Thursday, December 1, 2011


So if you follow me on twitter (if you don't, hop to it), you saw the million check in's at various clubs around the city of Chicago last week on Black Wednesday with the hashtag #flashmod. No, I'm not a club head, I was working. We did a flash mob style fashion show at these spots to promote JJ Hair Studio. Here are a few behind the scenes shots of a very long but fun work day/night. Warning: Photo heavy.
 Perfect red lips.
 Model waiting to have her hair finished.
 Taking a step back to check things out
 Stylist & Owner of JJ Hair Studio, John John Garcia. Name so nice you have to say it twice..hehe
 Models doing a dry run while let my energy drink kick in
Rosie, model. 

Andrea, taking lint off of a promo model's pants. Her pet peeves, lint & wrinkles

Teresa, model (and my BFF)

The shoes on our 60's model

I changed and we were ready to take off

The party bus from AmericanOne Limo that transported us everywhere

90's inspired

80's inspired

70's inspired

60's inspired

50's inspired

The theme was trends from the decades that we wear today and yes, in the last shots the girls were walking on the actual bar. They were are rockstars. 


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