Friday, December 2, 2011

The Making Of

Note the black eye in the last two pictures. Unfortunately my daughter is my daughter. I walk into walls and she walked into a table. She was busy looking at the "Happy Feets 2" poster in the mall and before either one can realize it, bam, both mommy and baby were crying. I need to take her to see the movie just for that reason. On to the point of this post.

I signed up on not too long ago and during one post someone mentioned being interested in how my kid dresses. They brought up a great point also as to how girls are being dressed like women and how some t-shirts geared towards girls are sexist. These tees for tots that show boys being "smart like daddy" and girls are just "pretty like mommy" never pushing the fact that we are smart as well are nothing new.

 Her style is fun sometimes wacky and that is okay. I let her chose her own clothes (I give her options) and sometimes she just wants to do her own thing. She does have a lot of Princess gear and being a girly girl is never a bad thing. She can wear all the "pretty like mommy" tees she wants (insert wink here) but encouragement about her strength and her smarts will come from home because it starts here. Sure, she is too pretty to do math but she can count (in two languages, thank you). She is too cool for books but she loves stories and always has one in her hand. So what if a store makes tees that seem sexist? Creating the powerful woman she is meant to be will be my job and maybe one day she may even tell someone "that's DR Princess to you!" What are your thoughts?



I would love to hear from you!


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