Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rules for the Stylish Mom

Let's be honest, chasing a small one all day long leaves little room for fashion inspiration and makes you lean towards living in PJs on your days off. I get it, I understand it but hell, I don't condone it. Having a kid doesn't mean your life is over, gaining a bit of post baby weight (even if 4 yrs later) doesn't mean we abandon ourselves. Maybe it is easier for me to say since I deal with clothing and personal style day in and day out with my clients but I have mom friends who do not work in the industry and still manage to look their best. So when I go off to pick up a few groceries and see a few moms in sweatpants and scrunchies, I get a bit bothered. Here are a few style tips and tricks to keep you looking like the chica you were pre baby, just tweeked a bit here and there because if I see another sandal and sock wearing (and I don't mean Miu Miu with socks, I mean, gulp...Birkenstock), hair roots that look like they haven't been touched since 1995 (exaggeration is good for the soul, sue me), and overalls that make Old McDonald look like a finalist on Project Runway, I will flip! Watch me on the news strangling someone at the supermarket with a scrunchie! 

1. Wash & Wear Hair:
Blow drying and styling takes time, time you don't have. Why did you ask the your stylist for a RiHanna cut & color? Get something simple. Highlights and colors far from your natural own are so noticeable when not kept. Opt for a color that lifts your own or one shade lighter so if you don't touch up in 4 weeks, its no big deal. The style, ask for a cut that gives the middle finger to a blow dryer and that round brush that gave you biceps only on your right  (get it from pulling on curls? Oh, just me? okay, moving on). If you can run just a bit of product and walk out the door it is better than needing all morning and leaving half done because you ran out of time. Also, leave your cut long enough that on the laziest of days, a polished ponytail is a fashionable classic that always saves the day.

Source: via Yanira on Pinterest

2. Polished Off:

Weekly manicures, while well deserved as moms, aren't always an option. In fact, everytime I take a little "me" time, the hubs is calling non-stop to see when I will be back. That is why I go for the no-chip option. Basically, your manicure will last 2-3 weeks. While this can be a pricey option, but some places have deal days. I go on Wednesdays to see Jules because it costs $30 rather than $45. No time still for that? Clear polish and cuticle oil. Clean, simple and pretty and if it chips, no one notices. Though check out how beautiful this gold is...who wants clear when you can have that?

3. The Make Up Bag:
I mentioned this months ago but I will mention it again. Simple is best! When I freelance as a make up artist, I always have the urge to wake up extra early to glam up my eyes and do something fancy. I end up hitting snooze until the baby wakes me up and then I only have 5 minutes to apply my face. Keep your bag simple. Invest in a make up palette from Bobbi Brown or Nars so all of your color combinations are all in one place. And at the end of the day, if your eyebrows are well groom, mascara and lipstick (just a weeeee more color than gloss alone) and you are good to go. If all else fails, apply mascara like a mad woman and run.

4. Mommy Uniform:
Being a mom is a full-time job. is TWO full-time jobs squeezed into 24 hours. Let's be honest, with all that we have to do who on EARTH has time to "plan" an outfit. Don't. Just have a "go to" uniform. I swear I run to the store in the exact same outfit everytime, well, different colors of course. I like my straight leg jeans or cargos, a cute pair of flats, basic top, jacket and on my way out the door I throw on a watch and hooped earring that are bigger than life. Reads more like this: I am a polish uber chic mom on the go with street cred. Yes, the look I was going for. JLo would be so proud. Otherwise, I grab some pearls because nothing says I have it all together like pearls, right? But hey, it works. Best of all, I have it organized that way in my closet so when I have to go...I just go.

5. Love the twins:
Yes, your kids but really I meant the boobage. You heard it everywhere "wear the right size bra" "blah, blah, blah" but for some reason you still are not wearing the right size. Best way to check. Pull on the back of your bra. I bet it stretches far out, huh? Thats bc it is too big. I still laugh when they are sold out of a style at the ever so popular "bra store" and I get told "well your sister size". I stop the 18 yr sales girl in her tracks and say "there is NO SUCH THING". Your bra size is your bra size.  A "sister size" will result in droop and the appearance of ten, yes ten, pounds. I will rather wait and so should you. PS get measured by a professional, not the mall. The girls get trained with a 5 minutes video in the back room and handed a pink tape. Trust me, I know, I was one of them ages ago and wearing the wrong size myself.

Here is an extra rule. There are NO rules. These are merely guidelines to make your life easier. No more excuses and I hope not to see anymore moms out there rocking  the PJ pant at the supermarket. I may be more forgiving of the sweat pant but only if you are style like you walked straight out of a J. Crew catalogue. No exceptions.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beauty: What I'm Nailing This Fall 2012

It's no secret that I love dark colors. I even went almost a whole year wearing just Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI when it first launched. I'm not going to lie, I have another bottle just waiting for the slightest cool breeze. This year though, I'm branching out and getting all sorts of crazy. These are a few inspirations off of my Pinterest Board that I've been a bit gaga over.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Now | Later: Leather Skirt



It is that time of year when your mornings can be a mere 54 and the afternoon can reach a high of 85. Pretty soon that morning dew and crisp air will draw out longer and hang around into an evening that looks of twilight. I have fallen ever so gracefully in love with Autumn hence the poetic description. Nice, right? Ha! You know what else I love? Leather. This leather skirt nonsense has me so delirious, I wouldn't mind spending a few extra paychecks on a Fall wardrobe especially if I can wear it now and later on when it gets cooler.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fabulous Finds: Small Business Love







Almost everyone loves Etsy and I am no exception. I have a few things in my shopping cart but am holding off the checkout until after I move so I have one less thing to pack.  Here are a few of my fabulous finds on Etsy. Don't worry, items I am buying are not in this round up for fear you may get sneaky and snatch it up. I love that everything on that site is vintage or handmade and of course, I am a huge supporter of small business. Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cookie Cutter: Defining Beauty

#bestofme #nomakeup

If I tried for a second to deny my Afro roots, which I would not, my hair and lips would sell me out in a heartbeat. I know who I am and I embrace it with pride. I am not cookie cutter and I like it that way. I will say that my honey toned skin does not come without its share of problems. I suffer, like most Latinas, with uneven skin tone. It is an issue that has worsen with the birth of our daughter. Lucky for me, working in this industry I have learned a few tips and tricks.

I've always been big into skincare and often times find myself heading to work sans make up. Doesn't sound so bad until I tell you I'm a make up artist, right? Actually, it is not and I love it when my clients tell me they want skin like mine and for once be able to leave the house without a lick of it themselves. While not perfect, I do my best to take care of my skin. Here are a few tips I learned along the way.

1.Toss the magnifying mirror. Self judgement causes wrinkles.
2. Smile. Laugh lines are more beautiful than the creases in your brow.
3. Be genuinely happy. You can see it from within.

Now, let's be honest in addition to this, we need a great core and by that I mean your skincare. When it comes to skincare, hydration is key and the most important for all skin types. For me another concern is that uneven skin tone I mentioned earlier, that is why I've tried Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Products. In just one week, this retinol line has been clinically proven to even out skin tone. Also being very simplistic in my routine, the lightweight day moisturizer has an SPF 30, eliminating my need to add on another product. An SPF is important is any skincare regimen but extremely important for any woman with unevenness or age spots.

After this, I throw my hair up and a smile on and I'm out the door. While I love being glammed up with make up most days, nothing makes me feel more beautiful than just being me, curly haired, pouty lipped and honey toned me. 

Disclaimer: This post is compensated and in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Neutrogena. Words, ideas and opinions are my own regardless of.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Head to Toe {Under $100}

Like most women, I like simple and I like affordable. I also like bringing items into my closet that will, in mom speak, play well with others. This would be a great look for every day, mix it up with denim and flats and off to the park, throw on a blazer and head off to work. Working wonders on that shopping budget, you will get miles out of this look and best part, you've just been dressed from head to toe and under $100.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to Work: Just Another Day

Just another work day:

Before I can even function, I have to have a massive amount of coffee in me. That is what it is like for a working mother.

 So does Sara because she has three kids, works as a make up artist downtown just like me, is my partner in crime on this hush hush side project and she blogs. Kicking off our work day meeting just right.
It is always nice to have our city serve up some fresh inspiration for us then it is off to an event for Kmart. The fact that it was at the uber delicious Mastro's Steakhouse on Dearborn was a plus.

 Kmart carries Essie. I love Essie therefore I love Kmart. Seriously. That is all it takes.

 Oh and how cute is this for my little monster/diva. Her curly locks look great in headbands and for the price I could get quite a few.

 She is still too little for these earrings but my nieces would love them. The Bongo nail polishes however, are now on her "mommy, I want that" list. That I think is a never-ending list.

 How cool are back to school clothes and supplies now?

 Room full of mommy bloggers, media and experts + cocktails + food + products = great times!

 I was sent home with a few back to school products. I've hid the glue sticks but she got a hold of the notebook and coloring utensils. 

 Mommy got a few goodies for herself.

And almost an hour of free time. Thank you Kmart, for inviting me to your Back to School party. This makes me super emotional since she will be attending "play school" (preschool for 3 year olds) starting in September. My how time flies. Just another day in the life huh?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Princess Hair

Source Unknown (Please share if you do)

I'm trying to grow my hair out. I get bored so fast that I get scissor happy and basically let the stylist do what she wants. My last haircut looked awesome coming out of the salon, my styling at home...not so much. So while in the weird grow out phase, I'll be trying out new hairstyles. Here is my "Princess Style" which I have even tried with my hair curly. It looks amazing curly but unfortunately I do not have a picture of it. Here it is with my natural curls combed out and the front blown out. 

My Princess Style:

Step 1: Use a black stretch headband worn hippie style.

Step 2: Tuck hair in.

Done. What do you think?

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