Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to Work: Just Another Day

Just another work day:

Before I can even function, I have to have a massive amount of coffee in me. That is what it is like for a working mother.

 So does Sara because she has three kids, works as a make up artist downtown just like me, is my partner in crime on this hush hush side project and she blogs. Kicking off our work day meeting just right.
It is always nice to have our city serve up some fresh inspiration for us then it is off to an event for Kmart. The fact that it was at the uber delicious Mastro's Steakhouse on Dearborn was a plus.

 Kmart carries Essie. I love Essie therefore I love Kmart. Seriously. That is all it takes.

 Oh and how cute is this for my little monster/diva. Her curly locks look great in headbands and for the price I could get quite a few.

 She is still too little for these earrings but my nieces would love them. The Bongo nail polishes however, are now on her "mommy, I want that" list. That I think is a never-ending list.

 How cool are back to school clothes and supplies now?

 Room full of mommy bloggers, media and experts + cocktails + food + products = great times!

 I was sent home with a few back to school products. I've hid the glue sticks but she got a hold of the notebook and coloring utensils. 

 Mommy got a few goodies for herself.

And almost an hour of free time. Thank you Kmart, for inviting me to your Back to School party. This makes me super emotional since she will be attending "play school" (preschool for 3 year olds) starting in September. My how time flies. Just another day in the life huh?

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