Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Site

With Spring comes changes and it was time for me to change as well. I started just working on a new blog redesign and decided to make the leap to Wordpress all together and rebrand a whole new site. It is very different on the back end and I am still learning but it is better for all of us. In the upcoming weeks, you will see my professional portfolio, something I wasn't sure how to share my work here. I'll also be able to share my make up portfolio and give you insights there. Until now you only had to take my word that I was a stylist and a make up artist but now you can see for yourself what it is I do. Basically it is a better platform to document and share with you all my work. You'll start seeing more and more changes but for now, just visit me at and tell me what you think.

Tips on Mixing Floral Prints with Leopard {Personal Style}

 top: NY & CO | jacket: Target | jeans: 7 for Mankind | shoes: Nicole Miller for JCP

 So last week, I bought a jacket on clearance at Target. It was meant to be worn on date night with a skirt but I couldn't resist and wore it the very next day to work from home. This is where I do my wardrobe experiments and why I rarely do outfit posts, I work solo. I'm always cautious about mixing certain prints. Many have tried, failed and yes, I have laughed at them...not really but I have cringed. We follow certain bloggers for being bold and daring, I am not one of those bloggers. I am casual, comfortable and very Chicago. I am the everyday woman. The floral jacket is muted so it works here. Key to mixing floral prints with leopard? Tone it down. One has to be muted or it just looks like you dressed in the dark. Here's to turning on the lights.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Proper Jean Selection for the Spring/Summer

So while was living it up in Miami (or spending all day in sessions at the hotel, whatever), I made plans to add contributor posts. Unfortunately, my preschedule was a total fail, so today's post is a special guest post from Laura Diaz, an FIT student living and playing in the big apple. 


We wear our jeans almost every day, they are one of the most versatile garments that continue to evolve with fashion, yet they can sometimes be underappreciated. Jeans are renewed every so often, changing small details to adapt to, or sometimes create, the latest trends. This spring, the ripped jean trend is back! This trend is being followed by many celebrities around the world, from A-list Hollywood actors to the hottest telenovela stars.


What today starts a just a small tear on the knee, tomorrow can become a gaping hole or the beginning of some fashionable denim shorts! Alessandra Ambrosio shows us how to rock the small tear.


The natural tear of jeans, for me, looks better than the store bought. Maybe they look exactly the same, but it's more of a feeling of attachment. Why buy a pair of jeans that are torn? Emmy Rossum seems to think this way as well in her casual outfit, looking chic in the city.


Then there are those like Ashley Greene who show us what happens when that little tear in the knee gets out of hand.


Move on Penelope Cruz, the new hot Spanish telenovelas actress Michelle Jenner looks effortlessly beautiful with her casual torn denim.


On the other hand, Rihanna wears an all denim outfit that looks great on her but her accessories and shoes take away from the look. Always a trend setter, her mismatched and over the top outfits can always be forgiven.


I'm honored to be a guest blogger on Manolos Manicures & This Mom. Let me know what you think of my post and please follow this blog!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Target's 50% Off Clearance Rack {Personal Style}

Normally Tuesdays, my parents pick up my little one and take her someplace fun, like the playhouse in McDonald's or Chuck E Cheese. Yesterday, my parents were unavailable so I had to shut off my computer, leave Starbucks early and pick up my Princess. She was so happy that her mommy was there to get her. When I asked what fun thing she wanted to do, she said go to Target to buy shoes and sunglasses. I am so proud to be her mom. She didn't get shoes but she got her sunglasses, jump rope and I hit the clearance rack.

 This Prabal Gurung skirt was on clearance for $8.98. It is a size bigger than my size but I took it anyway. It fits.

 This top was also on clearance and so comfy. It also was only $9 but I have enough casual pieces. The skirt was picked out by my little one but it was full price and even though $24 doesn't seem like a lot, I would love it a lot more if it were on sale. Bad habit. I'm cheap. I left both items.

This jacket was my first find and some of you saw it on Instagram yesterday. I thought it was $6, it was actually $8 but it came home with me anyhow. Big baller. I am wearing it today, stay tuned for the outfit post. I tried on a few things but not much I loved this time. I also picked up a few things for my desk from the dollar section. I was sad I didn't look at the rugs but I had to run home and clean before the man of the house ripped into me for not doing so. Again. :)

DISCLAIMER: This wild shopping trip was sponsored by my husband's credit card as a reward for the cleaning I actually did. Love you!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Secret to Managable Curls in Humid Weather

I've always had an issue with my curls when I travel. I never wanted to bother with the hassle of humid weather and frizz so I would relax my hair and flat iron it before I'd go out of town, regretting it upon my return. I recently jumped on the bandwagon of coconut oil. I bought organic, unrefined. It was horrible. It left my hair like straw, dry, severely damaged and out of control frizz. I had damaged my hair more than I ever had in all my years. I rocked a top knot for weeks to hide it. Then I switched up my hair routine into 4 easy steps.

STEP 1: Wash hair with a cleansing conditioner. I wasn't sure how I would feel about using one but I tried L'Oreal EverCurl and was blown away. Not only were my curls clean, they weren't dry like with most curling shampoos. In fact, I didn't need a conditioner after but thanks to the coconut oil, wanted to try one just in case.

STEP 2: Treat hair with a deep conditioner like Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm by L'Oreal. It claims to reverse damage in one use so I applied it and prayed for a miracle. My hair was shameful, lifeless and fried. I wasn't expecting much and so left it on for the maximum 5 minutes. What I felt next, felt like healthy, virgin hair. Get it, miracle, virgin? No? Okay...moving on.

STEP 3: I wanted a moisture leave in and have been dying to try Carol's Daughter for a while since I've been growing out this relaxer but never have...until now. It is light weight and silicone-free, perfect for my curls. While it does have coconut oil in it, but it is blended with other oils so it seems to work very well.

STEP 4: This styling mouse was a fluke. I left for Miami with just a carry on and only packed the oil so the first night I ran into Walgreens and grab the first curling mouse in a small bottle I saw. I figured I would use it once and toss it but no. It is alcohol free and really defines my natural curl, a curl I hadn't seen in years.

My natural hair...

 With Miami hottie, Casey Garcia for my "last night in Miami" dinner.

 With Carlos Gomez after that super amazing dinner. I owe you one. Gracias!

Back home on Sunday on our way to dinner with my little family and my hair had been untouched for two days.

I got so many compliments on my hair in Miami and I had so many people touching it that my hair should be doing the walk of shame right now. All jokes aside, I really just needed my daughter to understand that her curls are amazing and that mommy is proud of hers as well. The relaxing is over, the curls are back. I mean,  Lou Diamond Phillips said my hair was awesome and that I was gorgeous so I guess I'll keep it! What do you think of my natural hair?

DISCLAIMER:  L'Oreal products were c/o and I have since ran out. I picked up an extra shampoo yesterday. I am still receiving text messages with questions about this product because I won't shut up about it. I do wish the bottle was bigger, like jumbo size and just for me.

Carol's Daughter was c/o KLOUT so thanks. That was cool.

Thoughts and ideas are all my own. You guys know the deal but I have to tell you anyway.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

L'Oreal's Hot New Nail Colors for Spring

Let me tell you how excited I was to receive these nail polishes from the fine people at L'OREAL. Just this past February, I was trying to get  the perfect lavender color during my standing no-chip appointment. The color wasn't right so I opted for a white no-chip for Fashion Week. Then this came in. Royalty Reinvented by L'OREAL. As a mom, I need my manicures to last as I don't really have time to paint my own nails every other day. I was pleasantly surprised when this polish (with a top coat of course) lasted a whole 5 days on me. I know that doesn't say much but polishes last 1-2 days max on me, if that. What else did I like? Well, I never noticed the brush on my polishes, but this one has an angle to it that allows me to paint my nails like a pro. If you follow me on Instagram, you all know I can't. My nails for my Miami trip look professionally done and almost perfect. I cannot wait to get home and try the other two shades. But these little hands picked her favorites...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beauty Travel Essentials: My Top 5

Beauty Travel

So it just a few hours, I am boarding a train and heading to Hispanicize, the biggest conference for Latinos. I'm trying to take just a carry on but with all the electronics, gifts for friends and two outfits per day, my bag is getting tight. I decided that my make up can be minimized as I end up wearing the same look any how. If I were to only take 5 items, these would be it. Let's be realistic, in my case, I blog about beauty. I will be throwing in at last minute at least 2-3 more pieces just in case but these are really all I need.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Miami, Hispanicize & What I Am Wearing {Personal Style}

With less than a week before I head out to Miami for Hispanicize, the biggest conference for Latin influencers, I'm trying to be smart and plan ahead of time. I've downloaded their new app on my iPhone that lists the agenda of the conference, I can pick what sessions I attend and put it in a calendar. I think it makes for packing a bit easier. I know I don't have much time from when I arrive in Miami to when I need to catch the shuttle to the first event so I now know I can relax and hail a cab instead. It also helps me plan what days I will wear what and what shoes. Wednesday will be a busy day so I've planned a comfy but chic outfit for the day but their are a few events that I plan on attending in the evening and something like this skirt that I found at Target for only $8, would work. I wear a lot of neutrals in Chicago but I've had this skirt now for almost two months and the tags are still attached. I've been waiting for warmer weather here but wait no more because I'm off to Miami. Don't worry, I'll have quite a few outfits to share when I return. Be sure to follow along on twitter with the hashtag #Hispz13 for all the details on Latinos in Social Media, and well...this mom.

If you like this skirt and want something similar, check out the few I've selected below.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Make a Statement

"Join us in giving aid to families coping with gun-violence tragedies." This is the first line in the about section of Wear It Don't Bear It, a non-profit helping to raise awareness and promoting gun control. No, I am not anti-gun per say, but that is irrelevant as this is not a political blog but I am a mom and this is a blog about me, moms like me and women, just like me. I am a mom who sat and cried as she watched the news develop around the Newtown tragedy. I am a mom who cried Christmas morning for the gifts that were never open, and the hugs that were not given that day. I am a mom who never understood why anyone feels the right to bear military grade weapons when not actively in the military. I am a mom who doesn't want to see arm guards at her daughter's school, but I am a mom who wants her child safe. I am a mom raising a child in city of Chicago. We have some of the toughest gun control laws here, unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be working very well. Hopefully, if we get that conversation started, we can get our lawmakers to stop trying to one up each other and finally join forces to help our children. Something must be done. Toby Milstein, a junior at Barnard College, designed and produce these special necklaces and now bracelets with the slogan Wear It Don't Bear It with 100% of the profits going to the organization, the Bereaved Parents of the USA, a nation-wide organization dedicated to helping parents and families who have lost children. I am a mom, who after 5 consecutive miscarriages became one. I know that loss, I couldn't dare imagine losing one I've already held in my arms. Let's get this conversation started. Peacefully.

Of all the post I have written, this is one I ask you share.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I know, this isn't a beauty post, per say. I always said that as a freelancer, being busy was amazing. You paid bills that month and if you were extremely busy, you could eat too. I have been extremely busy and you know what? It is not awesome. It is not even borderline great. It is exhausting. It is physically, emotionally and creatively draining. I've been here before also, back when I decided to cut back on this blog to only 3 days a week, but now I curate content for the fan page, pitch ideas to other avenues, run social for myself (two accounts each site), run social for another person, relaunching a business, running a household, housework that is more often than not forgotten, freelance as an artist 25 hours per week, write for others, amongst a million other things. My body was in so much pain when I woke up Sunday, I hid. I hid in my couch. I grabbed an eye mask, covered myself with a throw and slept. I sat outside, on my patio with my husband as he enjoyed a cigar and talked about how quiet it was. We had lunch at 5 guys and came home. The baby spent the day with my family, Easter egg hunting and the church thing but I took a few hours for me. Not to work, not to get my hair done, not to watch TV but to sit and do nothing. The world shut down on Sunday, so no errand runs to Target and no work. I told everyone I worked but I didn't. I woke up and saw my schedule was blank. It was blank. I took advantage of my actual day off that I wanted to do nothing, no birthday parties, no family dinners, no get togethers, no errands, NOTHING. Being so busy you forget to breathe is not a good thing and being so young and feeling like your body may give out is worse. But you know what was great? Having 3 hours of doing absolutely nothing to myself. Just like that, I'm back to me.  I may just take a few hours on Sundays just for me from now on.

This "beauty" post is brought to you by my achy back, my swollen feet and the splitting head that is no more ;). Remember to take time for you. I did.
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