Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let Em Eat Cake...

Happy Birthday to my big brother. I'm sure he will drag us out this weekend for a big bash. He seems to think he turns 21 every year for the past 13 years! ya!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chameleon {outfit post}

Look, I'm a chameleon. I blend into the wall...get it? No? Okay, moving on. This is the most inexpensive outfit ever. Let's start with the top...eBay, scored it for a dollar. Yup. My faux leather jacket came from Steve & Barry's. Remember that store, I do and I miss it. I got this from the Dear by Amanda Bynes collection years ago for $8. Yes. The dress came from a giant garbage bag in my MIL garage. My husband's dear sister has a shopping problem that I hope never goes away. I got a few things with tags still on them as well like these jeans. The leggings were so old I couldn't even tell you where they are from but I know they were cheap because I bought them during my "bounce back" phase. That's when you just gave birth and your maternity clothes are too big but your "skinny" girl pants can't make it past your thighs. During that time I only bought things that were $10 and under because I didn't plan on wearing them that long. Note to self: plan better. The boots were pricey but the hubs gave me a gift card. Actually, someone gave him a gift card for his birthday last year and he had to hand it over because my eyes lit up with the thought of shopping. Hey, I'm not cheap but I'm big into high/low style with the emphasis being on low. Enjoy your Tuesday!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Polka Dots

It's Manicure Monday time. Okay so it's only that time when I get the chance to paint them. Working mom here, cut a little slack. So we got a chance to finally put up our tree yesterday and since Analiese was so excited (and distracted) I was able to swipe on a few coats of polish. When my parents came over I was able to get crafty. After I slapped on two coats of "Brick Wall" by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, I got this idea from my Kenneth Jay Lane inspired bracelet. I grabbed a paper clip, dipped it into "Mirror, Mirror" by Orly to create polka dots. I started with just the ring finger and then got a bit crazy. At least they look a bit festive and not the hot mess my hands looked like in the morning. Geez, I couldn't even stand the sight of these digits.  


Friday, November 25, 2011

7 Things

7 Things I am thankful for... (my lucky number)

1. After 5 miscarriage and a nightmare of a year, the hubs and I had a baby. She turned 2 this year.
2. 5 years of marriage, not always blissful but happy none the less.
3. The colors pink & purple, they make Analiese happy.
4. Readers on my blog because no matter how small the amount, it is better than talking to myself.
5. Boots, I love Fall fashions but nothing compares to my love of boots.
6. Chicago, it's my kind of town...
7. The opportunities I have been given this year with work and travel.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Suds & Stuff

So lucky me, the hubs is insisting on clean underwear this week so I have no choice but to do the laundry today. On another note, my mother who has forever wanted to redo her home (mainly the laundry & kitchen area) has decided to take the jump. Instead of hiring an interior designer, she figured design is design (it is not really) and just have me do it for free. Nice. Well, we are starting with the laundry room and here are a few ideas I have come up with.

I know these seem so different from one another but the common idea here is loads of storage space, hints of color and I may even like the idea of wallpaper. Just hope dear ole' Mom stays true to her word and give me freedom to do as I please. 

1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7


Monday, November 21, 2011

Coffee Addiction

I joined foursquare a while back but never really used it until this passed weekend where I discovered that coffee seems to be my favorite splurge as I checked in to 3 different spots in 2 days. Ek, so busted. So early this afternoon, the tot and I strolled over to Ikea where I picked up these:

I think I may just be able to save myself $20 a week with this alone. I had an espresso maker that just seemed so complicated but once I figured out how to use it, I broke it. I was sad, since my brother gave it to us one Christmas but when looking for a replacement, found them all to be so expensive. I don't mind kicking it old school, in fact the cup of Cappuccino I am enjoying right now is ah-mazing! Enjoy your Monday night!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Missing Photoshoot

So I shot this with Chicago photographer Fred Brown before the baby's first birthday but never came around to using any of the images but the baby shots. Here are the missing images from that day...

By the way, meet my mom!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Vin-Tage Darlings

I can honestly say that only these SM boots are new (ish). I went all out with my vintage, my very affordable vintage and consigned items. I don't mess around with my shopping, you'll know that and let me brag that aside from my shoes, this is a "under $20" outfit...all of it.

Velvet blazer: $4, Goodwill (70's)
Sweater: $5, Consignment shop (80's)
Faux Pearls: Free, mother's armoire (80's)
Dress: 99 cents plus $1.99 shipping, eBay (handmade circa early 80's)
Tights: $2.50 Walgreens (not vintage but the act of buying tights at Walgreens is, ha)

My sorry attempt at a top knot...priceless. With that said, I am sorry and can assure you it will not happen again and not just because I chopped my hair but you saw those pics yesterday.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saying Adieu To An Old Do {outfit post}

Micheal Stars T, BB Dakota Dress, Old Navy Vest c/o, Vintage Jacket, Old Navy Tights (clearance, holla!) Vince Camuto Shoes, Necklace Homemade (I had extra buttons hanging around)

So I got a hair cut! Last week after attending my girl's performance with her band @thicknessband, a fellow band member, hairstylist and my new homeboy @jaytwice informed me that he opened up his new salon @jjhairstudio. Following me so far, I speak tweet?! Well he discussed in not so nice terms the condition of my hair and insisted (rather harassed me on twitter) I come to him. Let me say this man is very confident about his skill with great reason and while I sat in his chair I was overwhelmed with doubts. With that said, a very sincere and public apology for any doubts. I have never received so many compliments! The hubs loved it so much, he did a double take a few days later just to tell me he loved it. Brownie points for Mr. Garza on that one. So nuff' said, Chicago head over to see John John at JJ Studio. Warning, your hair will no longer be yours, thank goodness it now belongs to him. AMEN to great hair!

I was not compensated for this post...but I should be (j/k John John).


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Earning Our Stripes

Enjoying my day with the little one...thanks daddy for snapping pictures of your girls!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mama Mia

I'm on baby mode. Well, not me per say but it seems friends and clients alike are all pregnant right now. Well, thanks to our friends over @OldNavy, being stylish during morning sickness, swollen feet and wabbles has never been easier (last one too much, I wabbled at 5 months so I know). I put together my favorite looks to share, which one is your favorite?

All items available at

Almost makes me want to be pregnant again. Almost.


*Please note that while I am the Fashion Expert and Latina Spokesperson for OLD NAVY, the thoughts and ideas expressed in this blog and all social media sites are strictly my own. I was a fan long before and will be long after. I will not and would not post anything that I find disagreeable or something I am not willing to wear or do myself. A girl's gotta stay true!

Monday, November 14, 2011

All Tied Up...

1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6

So Chicago weather was surprisingly lovely this weekend. I headed to the Loop (downtown for non-locals) on Saturday morning by 8 am for my freelance makeup gig and by the time I walked out of Lavazza, I was putting my gloves in my purse. It was the perfect weather for a jacket and light weight scarf. Sunday, the hubs took us for a stroll at an outdoor mall and all I wore was a scarf. While I have a million and one, I can go for another. Here are six that had me drooling and I can still wear once the nice weather ends (ahem, today). Happy Monday!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stolen Styles & Girl Gab

Ah, what is this? For those of you who came over from my old blog have seen this image and heard all about Estilos Robados (Stolen Styles) but stay tuned  as there are some updates. So Old Navy is doing an online novela (Spanish Soap Opera) through their Facebook page called Estilos Robados.  I originally blogged about this juicy online soap opera here so hop on over for a quick update. Basically what makes this different is that we get to vote on what the main chica, Isabella Reyes is wearing but what she wears also determines how it ends. If you haven't been watching and this is new news to you, go to the page now and catch up because I plan on popping some popcorn, pouring a glass of Moscato and watching today's episode later this evening and if you want to gab about it with me, you better be up to speed because I will spoil it for you. It is the last time we can vote as the mini-series ends next Friday. Let me tell you, you do not want to miss this.


*Please note that while I am the Fashion Expert and Latina Spokesperson for OLD NAVY, the thoughts and ideas expressed in this blog and all social media sites are strictly my own. I was a fan long before and will be long after. I will not and would not post anything that I find disagreeable or something I am not willing to wear or do myself. A girl's gotta stay true!

The Denim Debate

My daughter is 2. Her denim collection is 3x her size. Okay, so I exaggerate a bit. I know a kid her age should not have some many pairs of jeans but in my defense, they were hand me downs from my sister in law. We received a few pairs for her birthday but I exchanged them for leggings the very next day as Analiese hardly wears jeans anyway and she has a million & one pairs. She really doesn't share her mother's love of denim. What do you think is an acceptable amount to own?


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY Sweater Shaving

So I've taken out all of my sweaters for Fall and placed them in the drawers a while back. As I went to pull one out to wear yesterday, I realized it was time to say goodbye to a few. In one last (inexpensive) attempt to save them, I tried this little trick. Disposable razors to shave off the piles! It works. I got this idea from Mommy Savers and I just have one little tip to add. Don't go crazy shaving one area, be gentle or you will get a nice big hole. I can assure you of that as my sweater today seems to have a hole for my third arm. Just saying. 


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Outfit Post} RRRAWRRRR...

top: Old Navy   boots: Steve Madden   pants: The Hundred Shop (go here)   bag: Botkier   jewelry: Vintage 

I finally went out last week for simple pleasure. I am "go out to network" type of chick these days but I needed this. My girlfriend sings in a band called "The Thickness" and they are amazing, funny in between sets and down right entertaining. It was an all around good time and what made it better, I got to see my girlfriend who I hadn't seen in a while. Be sure to check out her band on the twitterverse @thicknessband to find out when they are playing. If you are in Chicago, they are a must see. Locals let me know, I will join you. No, seriously, I've caught the "momma needs a night out" bug!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Little Red Riding...

Had a little time before I headed out to paint my nails finally. I had just enough time for one coat and no top coat. Shame on me I know but I needed them red. This is an OPI I got a year ago when I renewed my InStyle subscription. It is called InStyle Red, clever (note the sarcasm). It is one of my favs though.

 I was going to see my bestie perform. She works in real estate by day, neo-soul singer by night and full-time single mom. Seriously, no one works harder than my friend Teresa. Check out what I wore tomorrow and please no one comment on the brows. I had perfectly beautiful, thick full brows and well, this happen (total freak accident). Oh yes, let's document my journey back to normal brow-hood. Hasta manana!


Events This Week...

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011
Time: 6PM-8PM
Location: Intermix - 841 West Armitage

Hope to see you there!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sundays At Home

The greatest and most expensive abstract artwork...
hangs in my dining room...

is made in watercolor...

and made by the tiniest of hands. My daughter truly has an eye.

I have been wanting something to hang on my bare wall for quite some time. I've searched everywhere for inexpensive art that is full of life, color and meaning. After a very messy session on my dining room table ( I'll lay a tarp on the floor next time, YIKES) and what seemed like hours of dreaded clean up, Analiese made a "Frog" and a "Ballerina". Note to self: buy tarps, new brushes and washable kids paints.


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