Friday, November 18, 2011

Vin-Tage Darlings

I can honestly say that only these SM boots are new (ish). I went all out with my vintage, my very affordable vintage and consigned items. I don't mess around with my shopping, you'll know that and let me brag that aside from my shoes, this is a "under $20" outfit...all of it.

Velvet blazer: $4, Goodwill (70's)
Sweater: $5, Consignment shop (80's)
Faux Pearls: Free, mother's armoire (80's)
Dress: 99 cents plus $1.99 shipping, eBay (handmade circa early 80's)
Tights: $2.50 Walgreens (not vintage but the act of buying tights at Walgreens is, ha)

My sorry attempt at a top knot...priceless. With that said, I am sorry and can assure you it will not happen again and not just because I chopped my hair but you saw those pics yesterday.


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  1. I love this velvet blazer, and the boots are awesome!


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