Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stolen Styles & Girl Gab

Ah, what is this? For those of you who came over from my old blog have seen this image and heard all about Estilos Robados (Stolen Styles) but stay tuned  as there are some updates. So Old Navy is doing an online novela (Spanish Soap Opera) through their Facebook page called Estilos Robados.  I originally blogged about this juicy online soap opera here so hop on over for a quick update. Basically what makes this different is that we get to vote on what the main chica, Isabella Reyes is wearing but what she wears also determines how it ends. If you haven't been watching and this is new news to you, go to the page now and catch up because I plan on popping some popcorn, pouring a glass of Moscato and watching today's episode later this evening and if you want to gab about it with me, you better be up to speed because I will spoil it for you. It is the last time we can vote as the mini-series ends next Friday. Let me tell you, you do not want to miss this.


*Please note that while I am the Fashion Expert and Latina Spokesperson for OLD NAVY, the thoughts and ideas expressed in this blog and all social media sites are strictly my own. I was a fan long before and will be long after. I will not and would not post anything that I find disagreeable or something I am not willing to wear or do myself. A girl's gotta stay true!

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