Monday, November 7, 2011

Little Red Riding...

Had a little time before I headed out to paint my nails finally. I had just enough time for one coat and no top coat. Shame on me I know but I needed them red. This is an OPI I got a year ago when I renewed my InStyle subscription. It is called InStyle Red, clever (note the sarcasm). It is one of my favs though.

 I was going to see my bestie perform. She works in real estate by day, neo-soul singer by night and full-time single mom. Seriously, no one works harder than my friend Teresa. Check out what I wore tomorrow and please no one comment on the brows. I had perfectly beautiful, thick full brows and well, this happen (total freak accident). Oh yes, let's document my journey back to normal brow-hood. Hasta manana!



  1. Love the polish! have fun seeing your bestie's performance <3


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  2. Oh thank goodness you didn't go all nail-art on them and kept them classic - they look fabulous! xx
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  3. I love the shade of red, I am always searching for the perfect red nail colour! Thank you for the recommendation on Cynthia's consignment, I'll check it out!

  4. Love this colour!


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