Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chameleon {outfit post}

Look, I'm a chameleon. I blend into the wall...get it? No? Okay, moving on. This is the most inexpensive outfit ever. Let's start with the top...eBay, scored it for a dollar. Yup. My faux leather jacket came from Steve & Barry's. Remember that store, I do and I miss it. I got this from the Dear by Amanda Bynes collection years ago for $8. Yes. The dress came from a giant garbage bag in my MIL garage. My husband's dear sister has a shopping problem that I hope never goes away. I got a few things with tags still on them as well like these jeans. The leggings were so old I couldn't even tell you where they are from but I know they were cheap because I bought them during my "bounce back" phase. That's when you just gave birth and your maternity clothes are too big but your "skinny" girl pants can't make it past your thighs. During that time I only bought things that were $10 and under because I didn't plan on wearing them that long. Note to self: plan better. The boots were pricey but the hubs gave me a gift card. Actually, someone gave him a gift card for his birthday last year and he had to hand it over because my eyes lit up with the thought of shopping. Hey, I'm not cheap but I'm big into high/low style with the emphasis being on low. Enjoy your Tuesday!



  1. Cute jacket!

    xo Ashleigh


  2. Wow, congrats to you for finding such great deals on all of these items! You look beautiful.



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