Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sundays At Home

The greatest and most expensive abstract artwork...
hangs in my dining room...

is made in watercolor...

and made by the tiniest of hands. My daughter truly has an eye.

I have been wanting something to hang on my bare wall for quite some time. I've searched everywhere for inexpensive art that is full of life, color and meaning. After a very messy session on my dining room table ( I'll lay a tarp on the floor next time, YIKES) and what seemed like hours of dreaded clean up, Analiese made a "Frog" and a "Ballerina". Note to self: buy tarps, new brushes and washable kids paints.



  1. So sweet!!! I love that you encourage her creativity.

  2. gorgeous!! i love them - and has such a special meaning to you too :)

  3. beautiful work miss analiese! I have some displayed similar in the kids room and it's fun to change it out every so often. but yes, washable is our preferred medium! ;) thanks for sharing!


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