Thursday, December 1, 2011


So if you follow me on twitter (if you don't, hop to it), you saw the million check in's at various clubs around the city of Chicago last week on Black Wednesday with the hashtag #flashmod. No, I'm not a club head, I was working. We did a flash mob style fashion show at these spots to promote JJ Hair Studio. Here are a few behind the scenes shots of a very long but fun work day/night. Warning: Photo heavy.
 Perfect red lips.
 Model waiting to have her hair finished.
 Taking a step back to check things out
 Stylist & Owner of JJ Hair Studio, John John Garcia. Name so nice you have to say it twice..hehe
 Models doing a dry run while let my energy drink kick in
Rosie, model. 

Andrea, taking lint off of a promo model's pants. Her pet peeves, lint & wrinkles

Teresa, model (and my BFF)

The shoes on our 60's model

I changed and we were ready to take off

The party bus from AmericanOne Limo that transported us everywhere

90's inspired

80's inspired

70's inspired

60's inspired

50's inspired

The theme was trends from the decades that we wear today and yes, in the last shots the girls were walking on the actual bar. They were are rockstars. 


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  1. What an awesome idea to promote a Hair studio!
    Great job!


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