Monday, December 12, 2011

Fighting The Dry

I finally headed back to my manicurist, Julia, for a no chip. Mind you the image shows it at a week and a half old. What it doesn't show is how dry my cuticles are. When I freelance as a make up artist, I become addicted to hand sanitizer which in turn makes my hands and cuticles extremely dry. Here are a few tips to help heal and prevent this disaster from happening again, it can get painful.

Solar Oil- a light blend of oils and vitamin E to help heal and nourish the skin. Apply when needed. I keep one in the car. Overall, as far a nail products go, this is the best in my opinion but not the heaviest duty product out there.

Olive Oil- not just for food anymore, this magic elixir is a beauty product in it's own right. I have used it as a hot oil treatment for my hair and found that when used warm, it works great as a moisture treatment for my nails. Downfall, if you brush up against anything white it may become stained as I have found out with my pillowcases. 

Petroleum Jelly- So far this has been my #1 choice for the winter months. It may be too heavy during the summer but right now it is a lifesaver. The mineral oil is too much for my face but does wonders for my hands and feet.

I am sure my manicurist is eternally grateful that I have taken the effort to tend to my hands and nails with a bit more love. What are your tips for silky smooth hands?



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