Thursday, December 29, 2011

I've Resolved to This...

My work space is finally coming together. I still need a few things but it works. I even pulled a Carrie and planted my desk in front of a window. Granted the view is blah, but works nonetheless.

My workspace

Kerrie Hess illustration and earrings from SoundChick

Calendar I got from Gilt

My reading materials, faux flower arrangement I made & my plant "Lola"

It is that time of year when we make goals, usually the type we give up by February and forgot we made by next December. So this year, I thought I would be more realistic about my goals and more specific as to actually stick with them. I am making goals for this blog. I say things and never do them but if I get specific and I write them down, I'll stick with it. I'm a list maker. Here is my Blog's resolutions:

1. Get on average 2 new followers a week, at least 100 by year end. Sounds reasonable and doable. Feel free to help me on this one. Like I always say, "spread the love by spreading the word!"

2. Create Segments. Starting next week, I will have the following for you.

WWW-  What I Wore Wednesday, showcasing my outfit posts. 
Manicure Monday- The first month of every month, I will showcase a new nail polish.I know it sounds like an excuse to buy more polish. It is isn't.
Freelancer Friday- Freelancing in cosmetics is great make up wise but what about the clothes. Being required to wear all black all the time sometimes makes me a bit lazy. However, I have met and befriended some of the best dressed make up artists. You will meet them here.

3. Write. I use to love to write as a way of releasing stress, emotion and feeling. However, it was the most depressing things that sounded the most beautiful. I always joke with my husband that it is his fault that I do not write anymore. He made me happy. Maybe that is just what I needed to give me new inspiration. I bought a new notebook. I will write again, write more and share. 

4. Take photos. I have the equipment (DSLR, Point & Shoot, Smart phone photo apps, photo shop) but I hardly use them.

5. Get out there. Meet, greet and be seen. It is hard to blog about fashion when you have become a serious homebody with toddler attachment issues. Not that I do not attend events but if I had a dollar for every person I run into that says "OMG, where have you been?" Whomp, whomp.

Simple enough. I will revisit this in 6 months and see where I am at. I really feel good about this, now if I can resolve to get fit and stick with it. Okay maybe next year after next and I'm off until Monday, see you next year!




  1. Your space looks very clean and cute.. Happy New Year! xx

  2. Love your workplace. I don't have space for one at the moment but one day I hope mines will turn out as nice as yours ;)

  3. I love your workplace! That illustration is gorgeous!

  4. i love the faux flower arrangement...

    xo Nav

  5. I love your workspace.
    I am following you, please follow me back.

  6. making followers isn't easy, if you want to do it authentically, but so much more rewarding than commenting dozens of people with FOLLOW ME comments. it's all about the connection!

  7. I wish you a happy new year and keep walking with this blog !


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