Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Child {Motherhood Monday- On a Tuesday}

Well, my year started off a little different. My 3 year old stayed up until 2 AM! She danced until the last minute and on our drive home insisted we go to another party. She did not pass out until we got home and I was taking off my make up in the bathroom! It reminded me of how it use to be for me when I was growing up. My parents would have home parties with family and friends until who knows what time. Sometimes, I would wake up the next day to find some of those same people having bread and coffee in the kitchen. Those were sweet memories, being surrounded by those you love. I still run into some of my dad's old buddies who I never recognize but always feel the need to remind me how they use to dance with me when I was small. You always see that bitter sweetness in their eyes as they reminisce. I want that for my daughter. I want her to have every carefree, happy memory I did. I want her to always remember the good times. I want her to know that sometimes we cannot fix a problem but we can always deal with it the next day and just dance tonight. My parents were not a happy couple. They fought a lot but they loved us. They played with us and in reality we were the reason they held on as long as they did. I want my daughter to see the kisses, every hug. I want her to join in and savor every moment. I cannot promise that she will, I cannot guarantee her happiness or mine. I can guarantee that she will not see the little arguments, the big ones because we are human and it is unnatural as a couple to not have those moments but she will not see them. She is a child and I will make this world look as good as possible for as long as I can. Hopefully, on the inside, she can always be a child. Sweet memories can do that to a person. Happy 2013 everyone.

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