Thursday, January 17, 2013

12 Pieces To Upgrade Any Wardrobe {Part 2}

So yesterday, I showed you 6 of my 12 pieces to upgrade my wardrobe and hopefully got you thinking what you can add to make better use of what you already have. Here are my remaining 6 must have pieces for a more stylish wardrobe .

July: Shorts

I'm not a fan of my legs. I have never been. I have gotten so use to wearing jeans, maxi dresses or even cropped pants that even the extreme heat that causes my clothing to stick to me has stopped bothering me. This year I say fudge* it. I need to be comfortable when hanging at the park with my little one.

August: A Bright Tote

I plan on going to the park a few times a week and the beach on Sundays. I need to carry a lunch for my family, snacks, wipes, change of clothes for all and I no longer carry a diaper bag. I want a tote. I want a big colorful tote.

September: Pant Suit

Nothing says power or in my husband's eyes "sexy" like a tailored pant suit. While I am not the corporate type gal, I still believe every woman should own one. Knowing myself, I would style it with a bit more edge and most likely wear it with sneakers.

October: Black Booties

Some may see this as a trendy thing and a lot are. I am looking for a classic pair to wear with skirts for work and jeans for play. I'm looking for a classic piece that still turns heads.
Image via Pressroom for Target

November: Long Leather Gloves

I've wanted a pair for as long as I could remember. The pair by Brian Atwood during the Target/ Neiman Marcus collaboration made me fly out and snatch them up. After bringing them home I found that I didn't love them that much for $50 and I returned them. Sure wish I found a pair now that they are 70% off.

December: Amazing Statement Necklace

This is the season that year after year women indulge in their love of all things sparkly. I will too.

Wish me luck as I try to find a reasonable deal for my monthly must haves otherwise my husband might just find that divorcing me just might be cheaper. What do you think your closet needs this year?

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