Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Secret to Perfect Brows

 Here are a few tips for make up artist extrodinaire herself, Bobbi Brown. Every single image that she has put out features a model with amazing eyebrows. Her books are also filled with women that have amazing eyebrows. So what is her secret?

-Shape brows by removing only the hairs that appear between them; tweeze any stray hairs beneath the brows.

- Make sure the arch of the brow is 3/4 of the way out. Follow the natural line of your brows when shaping and grooming into place.

-Using an eyeshadow in the same tone as your hair color, fill in brows with the brow brush. Begin at inner corner and working outward, use small, light strokes.

-To visually "lift" the eyes, stroke color along upper edge of brow to accentuate the arch. Set in place with clear brow shaper.

-Tone down too dark brow color with a quick press of a powder puff dipped in face powder.

If a lesson is in order, head to your nearest Bobbi Brown make up counter. If you are in Chicago, head to the following artists.

Bloomingdale's Michigan Ave- Daniel Merced (check out more of his work here)

Macy's Watertower- Sara Amendola (Yes, as in my friend Sara)

Blue Mercury Lincoln Park- Becky Hill

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Disclaimer: The actual tips (word for word) and image come from www.bobbibrown.com. All other wording and recommendations are my own.

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