Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Fashion WEEKend Part 2

Day 2 of my Fashion WEEKend and I was exhausted. Not only had I stayed up almost all night with a migraine before NYC, I went out during the snow storm just to prove I could still hang. Apparently, I can't. Thank goodness for my awesome skincare and make up pieces from Artistry Beauty otherwise, I would look beat.

 Selfies for instagram on my look for Artistry Beauty for NYFW. Check out the cramped bathroom space, typical NYC hotel room. I used the Creme LX and it instantly made my skin look more alive than I have ever seen it before. More about that tomorrow.
The products I used to create my look. This gloss was on my "questionable" list at first, only because I wear bright almost daily,but I got so many hits on my instagram and Facebook regarding this color, not to mention the in person compliments. I've been wearing it daily since.

 I needed to be comfortable so I rocked my new high tops that I bought the night before, my leather shorts, blazer, vegan fur and a Gia Luxe bag.
I missed the media call time for Ruffian backstage but I caught the show which was pretty awesome, since I had an actual seat and not standing room. I did get to chat with an artist from the actual show so I still was able to cover it.

Fellow Latina MUA working her magic backstage at Christian Siriano. I was able to chat with her on behalf of Latina Magazine. She was able to give me insight at Ruffian and saved the day!

Christian Siriano and Polly Osmond, lead artist for the show, going over a few things.
Super sweet, the both of them. The show was a HUGE success with rave reviews across the board. He is here to stay folks. I covered the make up for Latina
This was the moment I actually realized I had credentials, clout, a press pass and backstage access. I mean, so far I had gone backstage a few times and have gone in and out of the tents so much the security guards stop asking for my credentials but this was a moment of epic proportions. 
Watching the hair get styled and getting to interview, legendary hair goddess, Odile Gilberts for K√©rastase Paris was just as epic. It was nerve wrecking at first but let me tell you that people that are at the top of their fields are very sweet and easy going. It is the interns, assistants and the nobodies that are plain nasty. Odile just was...well...just was so chill. 

Day two was done so I rewarded myself with a glass of sangria and an early dinner at Tio Pol. Best tapas ever and the group sitting next to me had to stop and ask if I was an actress or someone famous. I responded with "I'm just a mom from Chicago. I'm a nobody." They didn't buy it and I ended up taking a picture with one of them. 

Yeah, I almost fell for this trick in Mexico. Nice try, NYC. Nice try.

I finally get back to my room and my phone buzzes. I'm off to The Standard to cover Latino designer Alejandro Ingelmo.

I almost walked out with these but I was too tired to make a run for it so instead, I hailed a cab and headed back downtown. I spent that night in, writing all my coverage and prepping instagrams for Latina Magazine. I had 3 cups of deliciously disgusting room coffee, that legit was a blend of feet and funk, before calling it a night at 1 am. The next day was sure to be easier....

A special shout out and thank you to Artistry Beauty who covered my hotel, flight and travel accommodations. I also received pieces from the Spring 2013 to use during my stay. All opinions, words are my own. They do not reflect nor are paid for by Artistry Beauty. I received no further compensation for this post or any in association. Thoughts and opinions written here do not reflect any of my brand sponsorships nor do they reflect upon those who I write for on a freelance basis. Gia Luxe bag was on loan from the designer. 

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