Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Fashion WEEKend Part 1

As snowmageddon was about to hit the East coast, I caught the last flight out. I was NYC bound.  Unfortunately, this mom was dealing with slight heartbreak as my little one was getting over a 24 hour bug but daddy day care was open for business and I was off. Check out a few images from my Instagram and trusty iPhone during the busiest 3 days ever!

 I tried fitting so much into a carry on, I'm surprised they didn't make me check it in, which wouldn't have mattered. They now charge $50 for a carry on! Seriously?
 Picked up this awesome skirt last minute and of course never wore it.

 I was afraid I wouldn't get in on time but I made it to the Noon By Noor Show and lucky me, I had a seat. Back row of course, but who's complaining.

 I had to check my make up because of course, it was done in a cab on the way to the tents. This felt tip liquid eyeliner from Artistry Beauty is all I was raving about to ANYONE who would listen. DONE.IN.CAB.
I check my instagram feed and what do I see? I'm on Latina's instagram. From now until Thursday if you put your look up on instagram with the hashtag #LatinaFW you could win some awesome prizes.

 The show was getting to be to much so before I ruined them, I ran to H&M on 59th and Columbus and grabbed the pair I would end up wearing almost all weekend.
 I was lucky enough to sit in on a chat with legendary designer, Carmen Marc Valvo who just showed his new collection that includes shoes! Oh and wait for it...lingerie is next! Thank you Style Coalition for inviting Latina.

 After a late lunch at 4 and my first meal of the day, I ran back to the tents to catch the Nicole Miller show. The snow was coming down hard but I'm from Chicago, it was child's play.

 By the time the Charlotte Ronson presentation started, it legit was snowing in the tents as I struggled to keep my eyes open.

But I had a friend from Chicago in town, so I thickened my liner back at my hotel and threw on some gloss from Artistry Beauty and headed out for some sushi. You can ask my husband, the only way to get me away from the pjs and out the door, is the promise of sushi.

Bag by Gia Luxe Chicago.

This was just the first day and you wouldn't have guess it to be the easiest. I made it in bed by midnight EST but my body hit that bed like a pile of rocks! Come back tomorrow for a recap of Day 2 and a recreation of one of the hottest runway looks!

A special shout out and thank you to Artistry Beauty who covered my hotel, flight and travel accommodations. I also received pieces from the Spring 2013 to use during my stay. All opinions, words are my own. They do not reflect nor are paid for by Artistry Beauty. I received no further compensation for this post or any in association.

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