Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Runway To Walkway: Recreating Beauty Trends from NYFW

So I really, genuinely grew to love this look at Ruffian's Fall 2013 show. I did not get to go backstage at this show since I just could bring myself to get out of bed fast enough after my jet lag. Instead, I grabbed a coffee, newspaper and a cab. I was off to the show at least. It did not disappoint. The clothes were amazing, the make up had a lot going on and at first, it was just the lip that called to me. It was all too monochromatic. I even sent out this tweet:

Then, the more the show went on and the more I saw, it actually grew on me and I walked out wondering how I can soften the look and recreate it off the runway. So today, I grabbed my Soft Peach blush from Artistry Beauty and created a softer Spring version of this look.

This baked blush is part of Artistry Beauty's Spring Collection that will be released soon but you can shop their other collections now.
I applied the blush on my lids from lash line to crease and blended the crease with my ring finger. Then I put the blush on my lips with my ring finger and added clear gloss and finished the look by applying the blush on my cheeks. Simple really. I didn't bother putting the blush under the eye as they did at Ruffian because I get really dark circles and did not apply concealer so I skipped it.

It is not quite the red they used at Ruffian and so it is softer and more wearable for day to day. Are there any runway looks you would like to recreate?

A special shout out and thank you to Artistry Beauty who covered my hotel, flight and travel accommodations for my trip to NYC. I also received pieces from the Spring 2013 to use during my stay. All opinions, words are my own. They do not reflect nor are paid for by Artistry Beauty. I received no further compensation for this post or any in association. Thoughts and opinions written here do not reflect any of my brand sponsorships nor do they reflect upon those who I write for on a freelance basis.

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