Tuesday, February 19, 2013

At Home Treatment Peel

So lucky me, right before I left for NYC, I received this awesome box from Artistry Beauty. In it was this product. I usually love at home treatments but I was a bit nervous at first. 

Now, instantly the words intensive and peel being in the same sentence made me nervous but in order to give you and honest review, I had to bite the bullet and give it a shot. So here is the background on my skin. Before I had my daughter, my skin was more even, HARDLY did I  ever see a breakout and it was almost flawless. My skin, now, is sensitive, uneven and I suffer from really bad hormonal break outs, mostly under the surface but if it does surface, it is not a pretty site. Due to this, I tend to pick. Yes, I know. I yell at my clients all the time when they do and I won't even use the whole "but I'm a professional" deal.  Not to mention, I'm aging y'all! But here are my results in scary horrific, first thing in the morning sans make up pictures. Be warned.

 BEFORE: Scarring from (gulp) picking. Hormonal breakouts and under the surface clogged pores. Laugh lines visible without even smiling.
RIGHT AFTER TREATMENT: Skin looks red and irritated. Under the surface acne purged but skin is smoother.
5 HOURS AFTER TREATMENT: Smaller breakouts appear healed. Skin is smoother, scarring is lightened and redness reduced. Laugh line is diminished.

Now the secret to this product is the mushroom enzyme that naturally resurfaces your skin. While it is professional grade, people with sensitive skin (myself included) can in fact use this with little to no irritation. The irritation I experienced was slight and only around my actual break outs. This product is not meant as an acne treatment. It resurfaces skin, tightens pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines and smooths the skin. I saw the effects around my laugh lines as well and it took the photos to make me notice since I was focusing on the scarring mainly. I always find a con to a product, ALWAYS. The con here is that I cannot find one. Even the $101.50 price tag didn't scare me considering the price of treatments at the salon or med spas that I have seen at even $600 for 1 treatment! I'll pass on that and order this one here. I cannot wait to try it again in a few days and see my skin then.

Disclaimer: I do not work, sell or receive commission off of Artistry Beauty. I did receive this product for review. You will find real results in all of my reviews (good Gawd, I showed you my face!) and honest and open opinions. Opinion being the key word there as I am not a dermatologist nor did I consult one. Just a real woman, with real skin care issues just like everyone else...that and I've worked in this industry for 10 years.


  1. That's amazing! I love the progression of photos you posted! And now I'm about to spend $100 on a product! Thanks for the review :)

    1. I was amazed at the results. You should see my skin this morning. I even asked my husband what he thought and he wants to try it!


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