Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Make that Mani Last!

Doesn't this look great*? I wish I could do this every week. Oh, how nice but unless you are Kourtney Kardashian and have an entourage to watch your offspring, this is more of a "blue moon" if that type of deal. Instead, make that DIY manicure last so you can have the "Dash" style nails. Here are my tips for my longer lasting manis.
  • Find quiet time, if you are lucky (like me), they may take a nap. You take advantage. Forget the laundry and household duties. When they wake up, they will recreate that mess anyway.
  • At salons, they let your nails soak to take care of your cuticles. Simply push them back but keep your nails DRY. Use a plain acetone, skip the moisturizing ones that leave residue on your nails.
  • Use a base coat. Not a top/base coat mix. Trust me, it will be worth the extra step. This acts like double sided tape when you put your polish on, it will STAY on.
  • Wait at least 25 mins so your nails can dry completely, hence the quiet time.
  • Before bed or a few hours after your mani, apply one more coat of topcoat. You may want to do this twice a week if your polish tends to chip.

Try these tips and see how much longer yours may last. Anyone else have any helpful tips to add. I'm a sucker about my nails!
*This image is from a getaway I was browsing at. I think it would be nice for the hubs and I.


  1. Thanks for the tip on that! My mani/pedis never last! Can't wait to try this. I would be thrilled if you would link this post to Spa{ahhh} Sundaze (http://www.projectpossessed.com/spaahhh-sundaze-1120/)
    Your newest GFC follower,

  2. Thanks Carrie...I think I just linked up!


  3. Thanks for linking up! Im pinning it on my Spa{ahhh} Sundaze Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/cbsiems/spa-aah-sundaze/ :)


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