Friday, November 4, 2011

The Shoe Box

My go-to shoe this season from Vince Camuto, with tights of course. I wore them the other day on a make up artistry freelancing job and for the first time, they killed. My feet were throbbing for days and yet I wore them yesterday and nothing. I think they are haunted. Oh well, on the hunt for a new comfy pair. Too bad, I got these for $25 on eBay. 


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  2. These are so cute... I can't believe you got such a great price!

  3. such a lovely shoes!

  4. $25? You got a great deal on these shoes and so sorry you were in pain for a few days...the price of beauty :(

  5. man, that stinks! they are really cute but the pain... eh, I've found it's not as worth it as I used to think.

  6. What a great deal, love the shoes <3


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