Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Terribly Terrific Twos

My Princess had a party. Jayden (the stunner in the background) was the first to arrive. His mother (my cousin) is Analiese's fairy godmother.

She danced ballet for Daddy before guests arrived.

Mom (that's me) made a cupcake stand using cans, cardboard, ribbon, glue, paper, rhinestone & love.

That love also helped back the Chocolate Hazelnut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting as well as the Almond Vanilla cupcakes with pink vanilla frosting.

Love also made a name banner out of card stock and glitter glue.

She also made a tassel banner out of tissue paper and ribbon. Notice that Jesus was in attendance. He always is at my mom's house.

The beautiful set up that my mother put together as well as the princess poster she bought from Disney.

Analiese got to wear a crown.

But she loved it when they sang Happy Birthday is both English AND Spanish best of all. My bilingual baby rocks. 

Her cousins couldn't stand still for a second and when they did the image was too dark. Blah.

Analiese ate cupcakes until she passed out.

Jumped back on her feet for a moment... open presents with assistance from her cousin (Princess) Kayla.

At the end she fought bedtime tooth and nail. We won, sort of. She ended up in our bed for almost a week! But she had an awesome party! Thanks Mom (as in my mom) for letting us use your basement for our Princess Party!



  1. so cute.
    You look amazing girl!

  2. Your daughter is adorable! I love her dress and those cupcakes look amazing! I also live in Chicago and I am always happy to discover bloggers from or residing from the windy city!

  3. The most adorable child - the most adorable OOTD! And such a birthday - even Jesus was there in classic pose!

  4. @Bravoe Runway...LET'S MEET UP! I like long walks along the lake and cupcakes but you'll learn that. Just contact me anytime!

    @Jeannee...Jesus is my homie, it says so on my Urban Outfitters tee circa 2003.

  5. Aww she's adorable! Happy birthday :)

  6. oh my....she is sooo cute :)
    i love her pink think i could get that one in my size? hahaha ;)
    the cupcakes look yummy as well...seems like the perfect b-day party.
    xx romi



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