Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Beautiful Week: Take Note

Yes, it has been a beautiful week. I picked up a few things that make it even prettier.

1. No more teeny bopper hair accessories or plain hair ties. I've upgraded to a more chic style, like this one from Goody.
2. A lip plumper is never needed, if you refer to my pictures and see my lips but in this case, it was. My lips have been terribly dry and I love matte lipsticks so of course that doesn't help but this worked wonders. Not only did it moisturize but the "plump" is more of a smoothing that makes my lips look sexier and smoother. I bow down to you Laura Mercier lip plumper in "Lychee".
3. I usually splurge on a new bronzer as the weather gets warmer and use it in place of blush. In fact, I have been addicted to Almond by Bobbi Brown blush this winter but I needed a hint of pink. Naked pink by Bobbi Brown was what I needed. I have been wearing that alone, with no foundation and no eye or lip color and received so many compliments!
4. I have tried every treatment under the sun for dry scalp out there and yet my condition just seems to get worse. On Friday, I walked into the salon by my house during a morning run to see what they can do. For $15 they gave me a Moroccan dry oil treatment that included a scalp massage. It didn't rid entirely and she said it would take a while but it already looks and my hair looked amazing after.
5. I am not a big fragrance wearer and have my favorite few that I wear on special occasions but I have always loved Sexy 9 by Trish McEvoy. After years of loving it in silence, I got my hands on the roller parfum to put in my purse.

Wouldn't finding luck in every single product you got at once without fail make it a beautiful week? It does for me.

Si, es una semana bella y tengo unas cositas que lo hace mas especial.

  1. No mas accesorios de pelo que parecen ser de chicos. Tengo ahora algo mas chic como este de Goody.
  2. Mis labios están tan secos últimamente pero este gloss labial de Laura Mercier era lo que necesitaba. Aunque el gloss es para ser lo labios mas llenos y Dios sabe que yo no necesito eso pero si se me ven mas lindos!
  3. Casi siempre me compro un polvo de bronce cuando la temporada este mas caliente pero en si lo que se me ve mejor ahora es un rubor como este de Bobbi Brown.
  4. Tengo el cabelludo bien seco y me esta volviendo loca. El viernes fue que me hagan un tratamiento de Moroccan Dry Oil y la diferencia es notable.
  5. Solamente uso perfume para ocasiones especiales pero el Sexy 9 de Trish McEvoy es bien lindo. Ahora tengo uno chico para mi bolso.

Que suerte que todo que trate esta semana me salo bien y eso hace ser esta semana ya súper bella!

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  1. I love Moroccan oil products! Great for curly hair :)



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