Monday, April 9, 2012

My Insta-Weekend

Carol Wood-Lone @VeryPashmina shoot w/ @rhanel

Lovely Springtime flowers

She was saying cheese and happy to have cleaned house at the egg hunt.

I eventually punched the bunny in the gut simply because he scared my kid and it was funny.

I am officially a cell phone photographer with my instagram app. Real photographer Rachel Hanel isn't a fan of my title but she put up with my goofiness (like always) at the photo shoot on Saturday for as I style a million scarves! Okay just a few but it usually is a million. I plan on picking up a few for Mother's Day. Sunday, I kept snapping away as my little one enjoyed some Easter fun. Be sure to follow me on Instagram ( yanirag23 ) as well as Twitter this week as I leave for Miami on Tuesday for Hispanicize 2012 and I'm bunking with some super fun blogueras (bloggers)! Stay tuned...

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