Monday, April 2, 2012

Planning to Hatch Soon

So yesterday we had the discussion about "when" we should at least start trying for baby number 2. Yup, it's baby planning time. Analiese is now 2 1/2 so this time next year would work for us. I'm excited. I remember that even though I was on bed rest most of my pregnancy, I loved being pregnant, especially with my new found love of accessories and flowy dresses. I plan on stocking up on a few pieces from Hatch, my newest obsession because if you couldn't tell from the pictures, you can wear it as is or as a maternity piece. The days of having to put away my "pregnant" clothes once the baby comes is long gone.

Ayer hablos sobre cuando vamos a tener otro bebe. Analiese ya tiene 2 1/2 anos so ya para este tiempo en el ano que entra seria perfecto. Y pienso comprar desde ahora unas piezas de la linea Hatch. Lo mejor de esta linea es que lo puedo usar ahora o cuando ya este embarazada. 

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