Monday, June 11, 2012


Hanging out in Bucktown on the way to the "L" (train).

Bad, bad blogger. I've had way too much radio silence as of late. Just when I thought taking the summer off would be a great idea, life and everyone else had different plans. One possible job offer rolled in, followed by another and by Saturday, 2 more. The good life isn't cheap so off to work I go. I've been working like a...a...a, ah don't know, just a lot and my free time is filled with watching my baby ride a bike, swing at the park or hanging around the city eating everything in sight with my little family. I will learn one day, the power of organization, blogging will come easy and you will love me that much more. Until then, time to pull the "mommy blogger" card and annoy you with pictures of the coolest kid on the block!

Eating fries how they were meant to be eaten, out of a bag, Chicago style.

Playing tourist on the Ave.

"Look ma!"

My favorite people.

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