Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Style @ Home

I have a closet full of clothing. It is not all designer nor do I wish it to be. Maybe back when I started my career, I dreamed of designer duds, high heels on set and the red carpet glamour that is fed to high school students during career day by the “one” who works in the industry. I will admit, when I started that was me. I worked 8-12 hour days in 4 inch stilettos and pants so tight you can hear my thoughts. No that doesn't make sense but neither does how tight they were. I was sexy and super cool, so I thought. Well, it has been well over a decade since then and one pregnancy later, I finally discovered what the difference is between "fashion" and style. I've embraced the comfort of denim and while I can still rock those same stilettos, I've grown fonder of wedges and even more in love with flats. When working on a photo shoot I find, jumpsuits made of jersey cotton to be best. When doing make up events, a fine tailored blazer with flats do the trick and when at home writing and playing with my child nothing can ever beat comfort. You see, those that truly embrace this industry can make it look glamorous in the glossies but behind the scenes we are just like everyone else, schlepping away during long hours with sweat on our finely combed brows. I'm sure you expected a gorgeous outfit of the day but I left my Oscar De La Renta gown in my other bag. This is my outfit today, a simple jumpsuit from all places, Sears. 

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