Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nailed it! {My 1st Review}

So like I mentioned last week, I would be reviewing a few products I received starting with the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color which I have fallen in love with. Well, almost.

 I love how easy it is to use just a basic polish and a magnet that you have to use fast before the nail color dries. After that, it dries quickly and looks stunning. It chips just as quickly. I used my best top coat and within two days my right hand was already chipping and the left the following day. Would I use it again? Absolutely, for something quick and fun. Would I buy it? Yes, actually despite its lack of longevity. 

Sally Hansen did it again. I use hand sanitizer more often than most especially when I have back to back clients and cannot wash my hands between make up appointments, hand sanitizer is my best friend and my skin's worst enemy. I love having lotion with me to keep my hands decent but everything I have is either too greasy, too light or worse. Some have so much fragrance that it makes me light headed as well as my client. This one is rich enough, a soft scent and my cuticles are looking much, much better. Would I buy it? Yes hands down!

No doubt that Hawaiian Tropic has the best scented sunscreen on the market and when I opened it, all I wanted to do was clear my schedule and head to the beach. It felt light, smooth and smelled great. I personally prefer a higher SPF and they do sell more than just a 12 or 30 but of course to save I usually just use kids products since I buy so much for my tot. Did I like it, sure but would I buy it? Probably not.

Clear shampoo and condition is by far my favorite product in the box. I have suffered from really bad dandruff since my baby was born. I have tried everything under the sun and every tip given. Honestly, with regular hot oil scalp treatments and this shampoo, my hair has never looked better neither has my all black outfits for work! I actually tried this once before and I liked it but never bought it. This time I am going straight to the store. Aside from that, my hair feels clean, bouncy and my curls aren't as frizzy in the humidity. I think that after years of searching, I finally found "the one".

Other items in the box was an Always|Tampax package with panty liners, pads and of course tampons all wrapped in a little bag. My toddler stole the bag and in all honesty everything else are products that I know, love and use though I prefer Tampax pearl. There is no image for that here. After all, products reviewed here had to be used to be reviewed. Ewww. There was also a Banana Nut Bread bar from Quaker Oats that I handed to my mom. It's not my cup of tea but she liked it. We don't have similar tastes buds so there.

I'm happy that I got to try a few new products thanks to Influenster. I found some that I loved and others that were nice to try but in the end just not for me. Yay for my first review post! 

Disclaimer:  I did not receive monetary compensation for this post but all items were c/o. All thoughts are my own and cannot be bought. XO

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