Wednesday, August 1, 2012

$400 vs $70: Why Budgets Make My Husband Happy

I haven't really shopped lately. I've been trying so hard to stick to a strict budget that I implemented myself and not my husband, thank you very much. These are the things I picked up within the last 6 weeks. Yes, only these three and they were all on sale.

  • Watch: I wanted a gold watch. I wanted a Micheal Kors. I did not want to spend $250. I settled for a leather Anne Klein with a gold face that was $65 but when I ran into Macy's to browse the watches, I found this one on sale for $42 plus I had a few coupons. When all was said and done with tax, I paid $31. 

  • T-shirt: You can never have enough. I live in jeans and tees but I didn't have a red one. I wasn't even looking for one but when I ran into DNA 2050 in the 900 North building (3rd floor for those in Chicago) simply to browse, I saw this one. They run small so I grabbed a large. It was $40 originally but on sale for $20 plus an additional 20% so I paid after tax $17. 

  • Pants: I wanted a pair of grey leopard print pants from J. Crew that were $125. I was waiting for them to go on sale when I found these on clearance at Express for $19.99. It was a no brainer.

I could have easily spend $415 but I chose to be smart about it and spent only $67.99! Smells like a monthly challenge to me. Feel free to link in the comments any ways you all save, I would really love to know. 


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