Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Bikini Bound Before the Holidays

I'm going to start at the beginning. The bachelor party. Yup. My husband attended one of these gentlemen soirees and decided he was to share his eventful night with me. After pointing out that none of the "entertainment" was worth looking at, he mention one that caught everyone's eye and the fierceness that was her body. Not in those exact words of course. The very next day, I joined a gym and for the next 3 months I went regularly trying to replicated what I described to my trainer as a...well...a stripper's body. I got close. Then at the end of March my workload became unbearable, between the mommy business, working full time hours outside the home, my blog (which suffered), my side projects, well, the gym was slowly forgotten. Want to know what else suffered? My backside that once was described as "defying gravity" was no longer defying jack! This morning, I noticed my friend Sili, who blogs over at My Mamihood threw up a 30 fitness challenge from BodyRock.TV with two other bloggers. Check out their posts here and here. I jumped in not knowing what I was getting myself into but how bad can 12 minutes a day be? Well, I did my first twelve and I have melted into the floor. I'm thin but in shape I am not yo! What do you say? Anyone else want to join the fun?


  1. Yeah...12 minutes is a long, long time when you're getting your butt handed to you! We're in this together! We're gonna look like strippers (in a good way) in 30. Here to cheer you on the whole way! xo

    1. Classy strippers...with clothes on! Thank God my daughter cannot read yet.'s to the next 30 days!


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