Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Home for Cologne

Finally, we have moved into the new place. Now it is time to make it feel like ours. We started by buying a new bed that I plan on sharing soon, new bedding and a new dining room table. Our bathroom is also in the works. We have a great soaker tub that was used 4 nights straight already and a lot of space. My husband does want to use the space to display his never-ending collection of cologne and my two perfumes by using a tray. Yes, I only have two and he has a million. I thought it was a wonderful idea but now we cannot seem to agree on an actual tray. Here are MY ideas on what this tray should look like.
Pier1 $24.99
World Market $24.99
Pier1 $33.98

Three very different trays. I know. The first is because I really love the texture and the color but I can see my husband giving it a big ole' no. The second I know he would like but for some reason he wants etched metal so I threw in the last one for desperate measures. The sale price ends with an 8 so I know it will go down more. Mind you our shower curtain is brown...elegant but dark so come on home decor enthusiasts, help a girl out. Which one do you like?

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