Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting S**t Done

So today, I am spending the rest morning working on my launch project before heading into my outside work (the job I still love sometimes), writing in my notebook, drinking amazing coffee from one of my favorite local spots and listening to my heart just to hear if it has anything to say. In the meantime, check out these reads, I can home last night just tired and decided to catch up on a little blog reading. I think you would like these. I'll see you next week and speak more of this "heart to heart" conversation.

This home collection just launched and these plates are stunning. The price? Not so much.

This stylish mom is stunning but her little one steals the show.

The Spring checklist for little ones.

I have been extremely busy and I feel that this helps cut down my computer time so much. This series is called "GSD: Getting Shit Done." It inspired me to GSD this morning!

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