Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 Trends, 1 Outfit: ColorBlock

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Mixing so many trends can work if you find the right balance. Here we see a love for stripes, polka dots, neon pink, color blocking and black nail polish. All very strong trends this Spring. Yes, black nails are back this Spring. How does it work? Well, you are color blocking the red and pink, so your other trends should be neutral or basic colors. The polka dots and stripes are bold but they are both navy, they do not compete with your color blocking. So tell me, would you dare?

Para usar todas estas tendencias, tienes que buscar balanza. Aquí estamos usando rayas, puntos, un rosa fuerte, un color-block, y esmalte negro. Todos son tendencias que vamos a ver esta primavera. Si el esmalte negro va ser muy popular en primavera. Que dices, lo intentas todos a una vez?


  1. Totally agree with Linsey-- I too love the polka dot pants!! I'd totally rock them with some hot pink stilettos!!!

  2. I know, I really want polka dot pants. I don't have any yet! Yet...key word. hehe


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