Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Break For No Breaks {Nails}

Spring has us all going crazy for nail color. One day we are wearing mint, the next it is tangerine. And all that acetone has my nails getting weak. Let us not discuss my cuticles. So, I skipped the color this week and give my nails a tiny break.  I picked up this Powerful Acrylic Gel by Sally Hansen to fortify my nails but be very careful to follow instructions. Only one coat as a base or alone every time or it will not only bubble on you, it will be a nightmare to take off. My nails are stronger and have grown because of it. In fact, I never cut my nails (one, because I chew and two they never grow) and this week I actually had to because they grew so long! Now if only there was a similar gel for my hair?!

La Primavera nos tiene a todas locas por los nuevos colores de esmalte. Un día es un verde menta y otra día es naranja. Pero tanto usar la acetona me puso las unas y cutícula como un desastre total! Bueno, no use color esta semana, me compre Powerful Acrylic Gel de Sally Hansen para fortalecer mis unas. Ya están mas fuerte y mas largas con solamente una semana. Ahora para buscar algo así para mi cabello!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation!


    1. No problem! I also swear by the original Hard As Nails formula!


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