Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hair All About It

Let's talk hair ladies. I know it is not a topic I've discussed much and when I do I am praising the classic bun out of sheer laziness and calling it chic. Don't get me wrong it is but sometimes we need more. After all, a woman's hair is her best accessory. While in Miami, I had the pleasure of meeting celebrity hairstylist, Leonardo Rocco and learn about Suave's new Keratin line. His accent was enough to make the other ladies in attendance fly out of their seats when he asked for a volunteer. When he mentioned he thought a woman with short hair was sexy, I couldn't resist asking for a pixie cut. He then shared with us a few tips for beautiful hair that actually work. Here are a few of my favorite.

The Wash:

-Wash your hair no more than 3x in a week so the natural oils can nourish the hair. If the scalp gets oily use a dry shampoo to give back bounce in between washes.

- When in the shower, wash and repeat. The first wash gets rid of dirt, the second treats and softens the hair.

- Conditioner should be applied from midway to roots (not all over the scalp) and massage so the hair cuticle seals.

- Rinse with cold water. Again, this is to seal the ends. Personally, I don't get frizz when I do this.

The Set and Style:

-For curly styles add styling creme, use a wide tooth comb and WALK AWAY! The more you mess with your hair, the frizzer it will be.

-If you plan on straightening your hair as I do, use a heat protection product.

-Finish by warming up roughly 2-3 drops of shine serum in your hands and apply midway to roots only.

I was lucky enough to get to try the Suave Keratin shampoo and conditioner and I followed these tips to the penny. My hair looks great and without a salon visit! For those that know Spanish, he tweets in it (melts off the chair), be sure to follow @leonardorocco and of course if you are ever in South Beach swing by Rocco Donna Salon for a little taste of heaven.

I was not paid to endorse this product or the salon. I did receive products to test out from Suave. All opinions are clearly my own. As always, I practice what I preach.

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