Monday, April 23, 2012

Wrap Up

I came back from Miami ready to take on the world and what I found was a hectic and very full schedule. I guess that is what happens when taking on the world right? I started off with the TopShop party hosted by CS Magazine, Amy Creyer and Tres Awesome last week. What was really awesome was pulling out my vintage hot pink maxi dress and rocking it in my town! I, of course am so Chicago that I had no choice but to pick up a few black pieces and funktified accessories. Yes, I just made that word up.

Funktified: Something that had been made funky or whatever. Moving on.

I got to meet the uber talented and oh so young Luis Torres looking fabulous in this bright get up and Furla Candy Satchel. The best part though is shopping while Dani Deahl spins. She is my total girl crush. She is sexy, talented and a Chicago girl! Check out the song I cannot get out of my head thanks to her at her fan page.

I ended up this weekend, like I do most weekends doing make up events around my city. Here I am with Sara, who is working on a super cool side project with me. Stay tuned. Now it is time to take a few hours for me and catch up on Grey's Anatomy. Don't judge.  How was your weekend?


  1. So great to meet you at The Everygirl shoot yesterday! Can't wait to follow along on your blog :)

    1. Yes! I am so glad I had the chance to meet everyone...PS your blog looks so awesome. ALL.OF.THEM. I'll be on the house blog daily!

  2. Thanks for the cute feature. I had such a wonderful time meeting you. Cute blog by the way.


    Luis (my blog!)


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