Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daily Grind

It has been years since I left the retail world of working behind a counter as a make up artist and have been a happy freelancer ever since. There are times however, that you miss the stability and the steady income. I'm not saying I am diving back because with all of my projects, it is almost (keyword) impossible but I will be taking a demo position at Bloomingdale's for roughly a month or two. What is a demo? Basically, I am covering until they find someone to place there permanently. That also means that I need more black clothing. Once I started freelancing and limiting myself to 2-3 days for any line, I started adding color to my armoire of duds but now it is back to a sea of black. Of course working in cosmetics, you can always have a little fun with your make up. So it is back to the Daily Grind for me and yes, the daily full on face!

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